Hacienda Chichen Resort: Sustainable Green Resort and Maya Spa Destination
Yucatan Catering Services: Plan your next semi-formal incentive events, formal executive party or family reunions or exclusive elegant wedding party. Hacienda Chichen Resort,  in Chichen Itza,  offer Yucatan's best Gourmet Catering Services to you! Contact us now...
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Exito Award 2012 - Top Sustainable Hotel and Spa
Exito Award 2011 - Top Sustainable Hotel and Spa
Chichen Itza Hotels Facts:
Stay at Hacienda Chichen Resort and Yaxkin Spa to fully experience all what Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico, has to offer you.
Hacienda Chichen a great Pet Friendly hotel in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico
Hacienda Chichen your best choice among Chichen Itza Hotels
We offer you Yucatan's Best
Catering Service to Private Exclusive Parties, Reunions
Incentive VIP Groups,
Executive Special Events,
Gala Parties, Family
Gatherings and fancy, formal and semi-formal


Green Spa Hotel, boutique hotel services, Organic Food, Gourmet Cuisine, Maya Cultural Traditions, Maya Spa Healing Center, our Maya Jungle Reserve,
Sacred Maya Ceremonies, private Church and Museum
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Reserve now your 2015 Saint Valentine's Romantic Dinner at Hacienda Chichen Resort, Chichen Itza's best gourmet dinning experience.  Our Maya Chefs will create a fabulous menu just for you!  Inquiry or Reserve

Yucatan Haciendas: Come enjoy Hacienda Chichen's Green Living and Sustainable Practices   Chichen Itza Kukulcan pyramid also known as the Castillo, is a few steps away from Hacienda Chichen Resort, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico

Image the majestic beauty of ancient Maya pyramids picking through the lush tropical gardens of Hacienda Chichen's Colonial Mansion and you dining or celebrating a very special party, luncheon or reception for your friends and family; or your corporation incentive special reception filled with exquisite handmade table decor and exclusive party ambiance!  You can have all that plus the best Gourmet Organic Cuisine and friendly hospitality at your service at Hacienda Chichen Resort, your best choice when it comes to planning an unforgettable party or special event.

Hacienda Chichen hosted a Gala Lunch for the T20 Mexico Tourism Ministers and Travel Leaders this 16th may, 2012Our Special Catering Services have organized very important exclusive receptions, dinning celebrations and parties for many VIP events, we have catered many exclusive parties such as the T20 Ministers of Tourism Luncheon Gala this year, to intimate weddings for friends and family.  We take the same care and responsible commitment to all our catering service affairs; and we hope you will give us the opportunity to serve your next celebration, be it your wedding, anniversary or corporate incentive event.
In 2012 Hacienda Chichen proudly cater the T20 Ministers of Tourism Exclusive Gala Lunch.

Gourmet Party Menu Samples          Decorative  Themes
Menu  Recipes  Descriptions             Dessert Gala Sample

Your guests will be enchanted with the beauty and room privacy ambiance we offer; if you are planning a Private Luncheon or Brunch Party, check our pool terrace table layout to help you organize your guests seating arrangement.  Remember, our party decor collection and gourmet menus can be customized to complement any occasion. Our team of Maya Chefs will work with your ideas and meal choices to create a memorable event! So contact us any time you wish to start planning your next special event.

Hacienda Chichen Resort, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico: Catering Services, Decorative Party Themes, Exclusive Table Decoration, Personalized Table Decor Ambiance.


Yucatan's best organic cuisine hotel: Hacienda Chichen Resort grows its own organic fruit and vegetables within the hotel. Chichen Itza best restaurant and fine Maya Cuisine

Our special care for you, starts with our in-house organic farming which our Maya Chefs team oversee with special attention, plus his choice of top quality produces and known organic local suppliers  to bring you healthy delicious gourmet recipes when creating your personalized party menus.  Our Catering and Special Event Planners will coordinate with our dedicated chefs and the hotel Guest-Service Director, all your special events needs, from food preparation, to table decor and party ambiance, every detail is carefully prepared and executed to bring you our best service and care.

No wonder, Hacienda Chichen is known for its excellent catering service and private party planning.  Our Special Party Services include Wedding Dinner Galas, VIP Executive Luncheons, Family Reunion Parties and other exclusive catering services gear to bring the utmost quality in service and party ambiance

Hacienda Chichen Resort, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico: Catering Services, Decorative Party Themes, Exclusive Table Decoration, Personalized Table Decor Ambiance.

Chichen Itza Gourmet Catering Sercvices at Hacienda Chichen Resort:  Create your own party theme table decor and decorative mood, our Catering Planners will help you choose and design a very exclusive party and dining experience. Contact us!
Maya Artists create our Handmade Charters just for your Exclusive VIP Parties - Hacienda Chichen


These are some of our most requested "pre-set party themes," but remember we love to design exclusive party decor and design special party ideas for each of our clients, so each party is unique and reflects the spirit and nature of your special event's needs.  We recommend you also view our webpages: Special-Services Our-Cuisine,  and  Weddings,  to have a fuller idea of what we can do for you!

Mayan Mural Scenes              (picture can be e-mail upon request)
Decorative Charters with handmade Mayan Murals representing various Mayan Gods and Lords, set includes napkin holder. Every item is handcrafted exclusively for Hacienda Chichen in red Mayan clays; designs are brightly painted, blending beautifully with bright cobalt blue, red, or yellow color linings.

The Deluxe Mayan Aluxe Collection            (picture can be e-mail upon request)
Known to the Mayan as powerful magic dwarves, “Aluxes” play an important role in the Mayan culture and mythology. Hacienda Chichen decorative set includes charters and base plates elegantly hand-crafted in fine Mayan clay and hand painted with earth polished colors. Each napkin holder has a uniquely clay sculpted Aluxe. Off-white fine lining is combined with terra-cotta runners for most  of our corporative travel events or formal group parties.

Nature’s Feast
Hacienda Chichen beautiful collection of hand crafted paper Mache butterflies, brightly painted offers a rare feast of colors and grace. This setting celebrates the remarkable creative force of Nature. Various butterflies spices are artfully represented and use as napkin holders. Central flower bases, bright lining table clothes, and cover chairs add to the exquisite charm of this decorative set.

Gala Classic Decor and Personalized Reception Table Decoration and Theme Party:        
The Gala Classic table setting offers handmade polished silver metal charters and tall tulip goblets set in a romantic Colonial ambiance of candlelight and fine linens, you choose from our color linen-catalog or if you prefer we can costume make an exclusive linen set for your special party or incentive group special event.  Each table features a customized fresh flower arrangement and your choice of color accents and handmade special details.  Elegant for all formal gala occasions; this decor works well with any menu choice.

Hacienda Chichen Catering Services offer you personalized table decorations, party theme decor, and unique Mexican beautiful treats to celebrate your special day with your friends or family.
Be creative, enjoy eat healthy delicious recipes at Your Party - Hacienda Chichen

Please contact our Customer Service office to plan your Incentive Group Gala Luncheons, Private Executive Parties, Wedding Dinner Galas, and/or  Holiday Family Reunions; we offer theme decorative collection party settings and/or customized gala decoration sets, Cocktail Parties and Mayan or Fusion Cuisine gourmet special menus are available upon request.

decor-menu-samplesHacienda Chichen Catering Services: gala and special events menu samplesgourmet menus created by Chef Josue Cime for Hacienda Chichen Catering Services in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico

Chichen Itza Top Gourmet Party Catering Services found at Hacienda Chichen Resort, Chichen itza, Yucatan. Gourmet Menu sample: Huitlacoche crepes by Chef Josue Cime
Gourmet Huitlacoche Crepes - A True Delicatessen by Chef Josue Cime


Deluxe Luncheon

Platón de Bocadillos
Hors d’ Oeuvres
* * *
Crema Fria de Pepino y Hierbabuena
Refreshing Chilled Cucumber & Peppermint Cream
Ensalada Tatiana
Mixed Salad with Raspberry Dressing
* * *
Camarones a la Morley
Jumbo Shrimps with Fresh Mayan Herbs, a true delight.
Corazón de Filete Chichén Itzá
Heart of Beef Fillet served on our delicate Brandy Sauce
Pollo Almendrado en salsa de Naranja
Tender Chicken Breasts with our Orange Almond Sauce
* * *
Helado Natural de Coco
Natural Gourmet Coconut Ice-Cream
Gardenia de mousse de Mango
Gardenia Shaped Meringue on Organic Mango Mousse
* * *
Café y Galletas Finas
Coffee and Petite Cookies

Hace a great Chichen Itza mini-vacation at Hacienda Chichen and explore the Maya world.

Colonial Feast

Crema de Chaya
Cream of Chaya
Hojaldra de Pavo Alcaparrado
Turkey with Capers in Butter Pastry
Huachinango Criollo
Red Snapper Creole Style
Chuletas de Puerco en Salsa Chipolte
Tender Pork Chops served
with Wild Pure Honey & Chipotle Sauce
Calabacitas Rellenas
Baby Acorn Squashes with meat stuffing served
with our gourmet organic tomato salsa.
Feria de Dulces Yucatecos
Yucatan Gourmet Sweet-treats Assortment
Platón de Frutas con Yogurt Natural
Assorted Fruits and Plain Yogurt
* * *
Café y Galletas Finas
Coffee and Petite Cookies

Chichen Itza Restaurants: Contact Hacienda Chichen Special Events consultant to reserve our catering services now

Traditional Luncheon

Codzitos y Antojitos Regionales
Yucatecan Hors D'Oeuvres
Glorias de At�n
Tuna Salad Stuffed Tomatoes
Sopa de Lima
Lime Soup
Pollo Pibil con Frijol Refrito
Pibil Chicken with Black Bean Paste
Brazo de Chaya con Pepita de Calabaza
Vegetarian dish made with chaya leaves,
corn dough, and pumpkin seeds
Poc Chuc de Puerco con Calabacitas
Grilled Pork marinated in Achiote and Baby Pumpkins
Helado de Frutas Tropicales
Tropical Fruit Ice-Cream
Pie de Naranja Agria
Regional Sour Orange Pie
 * * *
Café y Galletas Finas
Coffee and Petite Cookies

Hacienda Chichen Gourmet Recipe Collection brief descriptiondeco-designChichen Itza Catering Gourmet Services: Excellence, Elegance, Exclusive, Gourmet Luncheons, and Special Event Dinning Experiences in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico

Maya Fusion Cuisine: Tender Pork Loin Recipe by Chef Josue Cime served at Hacienda Chichen Itza restaurants, Yucatan.

Brief description of some of Hacienda Chichen Resort Restaurant:

Gourmet Recipe Collection by Our Maya Chefs

Hojaldra de Pavo Alcaparado
Butter Layered Pastry with Turkey & Capers Filing
An extremely popular baked appetizer, that blends Yucatan’s love for European puff layered pastries with a unique filling of turkey, capers, spices and peppers. Garnished with brown raw sugar, a twist of lime, and cherry sauce on a bed of sea grapes. Served at room temperature.

Calabacitas Rellenas
Stuffed Baby Acorn Squashes
An elegant Yucatecan dish. Hollowed-out baby acorn squashes are filled with a mixture of chopped almonds, ground pork, raisins, sweet basil, red peppers and spices. They are served on a half-moon bed of warmed tomato sauce and a white herb sauce. These squashes make colorful edible containers full of color, taste, and texture. Prepared a day in advance to fully blend and enrich their aromatic flavors.

Maya cooking: Gourmet Maya Fusion Cuisine Recipes to delight your sensesChuletas de Puerco en Miel de Chipotle
Tender Pork Chops with Chipotle Honey Sauce
Yucatan is known for its rich and delicious wild organic honey. This recipe, created especially for the Hotel Hacienda Chichen, perfectly blends the flavors of tender-smoked pork chops with the taste of Chipotle chilies aged in such honey. The pork chops are garnished with Chipotle chilies and are served with brown wild rice, onions, wild mint and roasted sunflower seeds.

Pollo Almendrado en Salsa de Naranja
Tender Chicken Breasts with our Orange Almond Sauce
Baked chicken marinated with an orange-based mixture of aromatic herbs, spices and almond. Served on a bed of white rice and garnished with orange peels and almonds.

Pollo Pibil con Frijol Refrito
Pibil Chicken with Black Bean Paste
Baked Chicken marinated with a red achiote spice mixture and aromatic herbs. Wrapped in banana leaves and served with Yucatan’s traditional black bean paste.

Brazo de Chaya con Pepita de Calabaza
Vegetarian dish made of chaya leaves, corn dough, boiled eggs and pumpkinseeds. Steam baked while wrapped with banana leaves and served beautifully sliced on top of homemade tomato sauce. This dish is believed to have its roots on Pre-Colonial Mayan Cuisine.

Poc Chuc de Puerco con Calabacitas
Grilled pork chops marinated in achiote sauce. Served with sunflower seeds, butter, rice and baby acorn squash pure. Garnished with orange peels.

Glorias de At�n
Deliciously light tomatoes stuffed with tuna salad and served on a bed of green leaves and garnished with olives, red peppers and carrot sticks.

Chichen Itza restaurant: Delight in Chef Josue Cime's free Mayan Recipes and cooking secrets here!Camarones Primavera
Primavera Shrimp Pasta
This elegant entree is a favorite of ours. The rich velvet creamy cheese sauce enhances the flavour of the mixed-in steamed vegetables. The dish is garnished with a fancy bouquet of large shrimps served on the bed of pasta.

Camarones a la Morley
Jumbo Shrimp marinated with a fine mix of fresh Mayan herbs.
This is a light and delicious luncheon entree. The garlic and herb velvet flavor of the sauce blends deliciously with the grilled shrimp.

Huachinango Criollo
Red Snapper Creole
Baked Fresh Red Snapper topped with our delicious Creole sauce made with red and green bell peppers, scallops, garlic, and fresh tomatoes. Served on banana leaves with saffron Spanish rice.

Rollitos de Pollo Carnegie
Chicken Carnegie Roulade
Baked stuffed chicken breast, bathed in a light herbal sauce and cut in roulade-shape pieces. Served with steam vegetables and garnished.


Chichen Itza Restaurants: Maya flavors and aromas from Chef Josue Gourmet Organic Recepies: Delicious Caramelized Organic Green Papaya with Fresh Vanilla Mouse and Mint leaves.
Delicious Caramelized Organic Green Papaya with Fresh Vanilla Mouse and Mint leaves.

Gardenia en Mousse de Mango
Mango Mousse with a Gardenia Shaped Meringue
This elegant dessert is a favorite of ours, the rich flavor of fresh velvet mango mousse captivates the senses; garnished with our beautiful “meringue” gardenia to create a delightful presentation.

Torta de Cielo
Heaven’s Almond Cake
Truly one of Yucatan’s most beloved cakes, its rich almond flavors and light texture are a delightful way to end a Colonial menu.  Only a very skillful Chef can create this masterpiece to perfection, made out of freshly ground almonds, egg yolks, butter and sugar.

Nuestros Pasteles de Bodas
Hacienda Chichen Wedding Cake Selection
Yucatan is known for its delicious baked goods and exquisite cakes. Its rich tradition includes cakes made of almond, butter, coconut, creams, and fancy tastes that captivate the senses. For Special Occasions, such as a wedding, we can create a beautiful decoration to meet your needs.

Feria de Dulces
Fine Sweet-treats Fair
“Merenguitos”made of puffed baked white eggs.
“Besitos” or kisses are petite almond-flavoured velvety sweets.
“Yemitas”are made of soft eggnog paste with pure vanilla.
“Barquillos” are extra colorful crispy crepes with honey and nuts.

Maya cooking: Hacienda Chichen Gourmet Dessert Collection

For more information contact us at:
info@haciendachichen.com  or  weddings@haciendachichen.com

COP16: Hacienda Chichen: Mexico's sustainable destination featured in the 2010 United Nations Climate Change Conference   Hacienda Chichen has been selected for 3 consecutive years by National Geographic Best Hotel Stay List since 2009
                                    SUSTAINABLE HOSPITALITY EXCELLENCE AWARDS                                 


Hacienda Chichen Resort and Yaxkin Spa have been selected by many
Top Acclaimed Magazines and Eco-Chic Travel Destination Editions such as

GQ Magazine, Mexico June 2010 Edition recommends Hacienda Chichen and Yaxkin Spa among their Top Eight World Health Vacation Destination!- Von Vivant pg 212   Vogue Magazine, May 2010 Edition selected Hacienda Chichen and Yaxkin Spa among its Ten Eco Chic Destinations   HOLA magazine recommends stay at Hacienda Chichen Resort in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, in their travel HOLA VIAJES 14 edition   ELLE magazine recommends staying at Hacienda Chichen Resort and enjoying green spa therapies at Yaxkin Spa, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico   Livingetc. Magazine recommends Hacienda Chichen and Yaxkin Spa among the Top Green Spa Hotels in the world to visit  
Enjoy a pampering Mayan Spa Wellness Vacation at Hacienda Chichen, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico

       Proud Member of Sustainable Travel International  Hacienda Chichen: Mexico's sustainable destination featured in the 2010 United Nations Climate Change Conference        Nat. Geo. Best Eco-Spa Wellness Destinations: Hacienda Chichen   Hacienda Chichen Resort committed to rescue the Maya Jungle wildlife: flora and fauna.


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