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Mayan Spa best holistic wellness center is Yaxkin Spa, Chichen Itza, Yucatan
Eco-Destinations: "Hacienda Chichen: An Eco-Jungle Spa Retreat in Yucatan"


Mayan Destination: Hacienda Chichen
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A grand jewel in the jungle.
-Darrel & Brenda,
Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Heavenly spot! Only sorry
we couldn't stay longer.
-Charley & Pam, USA

One night wasn't enough!
-Alfonso, Mexico D.F.

Our favorite Green Hotel
Mariel D, Australia

Old fashioned elegance.
-Allen, VA, USA

A perfect place for our honeymoon!
-Paul & Wendy, AZ, USA

One of the highlights of our trip.
-Maria, Athens, Greece

Qué bonito lugar!
-Stephan, Frankfurt, Germany

This is a wonderful place. Too bad we could not stay more time.
-Nicole & Philippe, France

Best Eco Spa Wellness Retreat in Mexico! Thanks for a great Mayan vacation.
- Meg Bell, CA, USA



Hacienda Chichen Resort and Yaxkin Spa have the honor to be included in various other eco-travel articles, guides,  magazines and green Spa wellness reviews which include us within the world's top Eco-spa destinations, and Mexico's best boutique haciendas.   You will find that most eco-vision travel reviews applaud our Sustainable tourism efforts, eco-awareness mission, friendly service and great Mayan Fusion gourmet cuisine, as well as our commitment to support the Mayan local communities.

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SPA Travel Magazine selected Hacienda Chichen and Yaxkin Spa for their 2009 Ten Most Innovators Green Conscious Spa Resorts of the World. May Edition 2009.

HOLA, Spain Magazine in its Annual Travel Special Edition: 50 Unique Experiences around the World,  selected Hacienda Chichen as the ideal place to stay in Chichen Itza.


Below you will find a few Hacienda Chichen and Yaxkin Spa's guests comments or reviews from the hotel's guests' writing in our Guest Book:

Hacienda Chichen is my home away from home, I love spending weeks in my suite and recommend all my friends to come and enjoy this fantastic hacienda and lovely hotel.
-Merle Greene Robertson, San Francisco, USA

This has been the most relaxing and pleasant place I've encountered! Great Mayan Spa, excellent service, and beautiful gardens!
-Guy & Rita, Montana, USA

We read Hacienda Chichen was amazing for birding but we were not prepared to what we found:  Birds singing all day long around us! As for the food: I was dazzled with their exquisite Mayan cuisine, the best tasting gourmet food we had in Mexico. Yaxkin Spa was a highlight for us! We will return again.
-J. Rabella, California, USA

No place in Yucatan can compare to this facinating green boutique hotel. We truly enjoyed great eco-cultural activities. The serenity engulfing Hacienda Chichen is magical.  Excellent service and food.
-Linda & Thomas, Glasgow, Scotland

Petit coin de paradis! Magnifique, accueillant, tranquille. Service et personnel très aimable.
-Vanessa, Suiza

Gracias por brindarnos tan bella estancia y la oportunidad de conocer la cultura Maya y sus tradiciones. Si pudiéramos, nos quedarámos un mes felices aqui!
-Humbert & Lourdes, Barcelona, España

You guys are the best! Its been a very special time for our family to rediscover the heritage of the family archaeology and the Mayan Culture.
-Ben Gell, grandson of Earl Morris & Ann Axtell Morris

If you ever wanted to run away from reality and find paradise, this is the place to escape to. We came for our honeymoon and will return!
-Mario & Ann, California, USA

Staying here was a fantastic experience: service was great, food deliciously healthy, Yaxkin Spa the best relaxing pampering ever!
-Yumi & Yuka, Tokyo, Japan

We came here for one night and had to stay for two, the whole family loved it, even our dog Jack felt at home. Great food, birding, sleeping.
-Lisa, Caroline, Dawson & Mark, UK

We had read and heard great things about Hacienda Chichen, but nothing could compare to what I felt as we pulled into the drive at our arrival.  Our Master accommodations were lovely.  Delicious gourmet menu selections and friendly service.  We will return often!
- S. Simmons, Whidbey Island, USA

Never, never in my life have I heard birds like this! A true Birding fantasyland and great Green Jungle Spa-Resort. Will be back!
-Rebecca, TX, USA

We just spent three nights in this wonderful hotel and wanted to share how wonderful our stay was!  Hacienda Chichen is a beautiful place with friendly helpful staff.  We enjoy our room courtesies and details.  Loved the restaurant and musicians. Thanks for such a memorable vacation; we want to return and visit again Yucatan.
-Fran, United States

We loved staying at this Holistic Spa Retreat. Wished could have stayed longer.  Great gourmet Mayan Cuisine!  Fantastic Spa experiences.
-Zimmer & Trapp families, Alberta, Canada

This hacienda is so beautiful and peaceful! I wish to come back and stay longer. Wonderful staff in a perfect setting. Thank you for such memorable visit to Chichen Itza.
-Liene & Susan, New York, USA

Very glad we chose to stay in this Jungle hotel and Spa Retreat; but one night was not enough time for us, next time we'll stay longer!
-Delyth & Dominic, Leeds, UK

Beautiful grounds, excellent service, magic Mayan Spa rituals, great food, friendly staff, plus a peaceful night's sleep. Thank you!
-the Cooper family, CA, USA

What a magical place! We had a wonderful time and only regret that we couldn't stay longer!
-Ann & Spencer, CT, USA

Our only regret is that we cannot stay longer. The Hacienda Chichen is a very special and tranquil place. We especially enjoyed our early morning bird-watching with Viviane.
-Pearl & David, NY, USA

Yaxkin Spa is a truly magical Wellness Mayan Spa Destination. We will be back!
-Debbie and Frank, CA, USA

We hope you enjoy reading some of our guests reviews comments and press reviews.  Contact us to reserve a hotel room when you are ready to have a great eco-cultural Mayan experience!

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