Hacienda Chichen Resort: Sustainable Green Resort and Maya Spa Destination
Driving to Chichen Itza from Cancun, Riviera Maya, Valladolid, Piste, Merida - how to arrive to Hacienda Chichen at ease.
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Maya Culture: Sustainable Maya Holistic Spa and Eco-Cultural Destination Seal of Approval


Among Chichen Itza hotels, Hacienda Chichen is your best choice, not only it offers you a stay within a few walk steps to the Maya temples of Chichen Itza, and a change to explore a its unique Colonial Landmark historic grounds, filled with eco-cultural activities that are sure to enhance your visit and enchant your soul.

Hacienda Chichen a great Pet Friendly hotel in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico

No other Chichen Itza hotel has the hospitality, care and wealth of Maya traditions, combine with such fabulous birding, herping, flora and fauna a mist Chichen Itza Maya archaeological site.

Organic Spa Sustainable Green Seal of Aproval
Green Spa Hotel, boutique hotel services, Organic Food, Gourmet Cuisine, Maya Cultural Traditions, Maya Spa Healing Center, our Maya Jungle Reserve,
Sacred Maya Ceremonies, private Church and Museum



Chichen Itza hotels decor

 We offer you local bird guides trained by professional certified teachers such as Barbara McKinnon, Yucatan's most famous bird-watching expert so book your Yucatan birding vacation or our green Spa and nature vacation and come enjoy the magic and beauty of this green living Maya Spa hotel.



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 Rent a car and enjoy the peaceful safe driving Yucatan offers you.
How to get to Hacienda Chichen Resort in Chichen-Itza

To fully enjoy and explore the Yucatan Peninsula, we highly recommend you rent a car at the airport of your arrival, be it in Merida or in Cancun.  Having a car will bring you the freedom to plan your daily activates at ease, enjoy hours in any of Yucatan's many beaches, Colonial cities, Mayan archaeological sites, cenotes, villages and countryside.  Bring your cellular and GPS or ask the car rental clerk to give you a tourist map of Yucatan for visual aid.  Driving to our hotel is easy:

Chichen Itza Hotels - Hacienda Chichen Three Night Special Vacation is your Best Choice Hacienda Chichen and Yaxkin Spa are located within the Zona Hotelera of Chichen Itza, next to the southeast entrance to the Maya archaeological visited site, between the Maya villages of Piste and Xcalacoop. Just an easy safe drive taking the Interstate Toll Highway # 180 called "Cuota."

ADDRESS: Zona Hotelera de Chichen Itza, KM.120 Carretera Libre #180 Merida-Puerto Juarez, in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico C.P. 97751

Hacienda Chichen - Preserving the Magic of the past: Read about the archaeologists that reconstructed and study Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico


Driving to Chichen from Cancun and Riviera Maya or through the Yucatan Peninsula is safe and easy;  truly a great way to have a rewarding vacation taking time to enjoy any activity. Mexican Highways have the additional comfort of "Green Angels" (official road emergency help given to anyone with a car problem or in need of directions).

Driving to Chichen Itza: At Piste "Toll Booth" you exit the Hwy 180 - follow signs to PISTE

Directions: Taking  the Interstate Federal Toll Highway # 180 from Cancun to Chichen Itza - Once you enter the toll highway #180 called "CUOTA" from Cancun to Chichen Itza, you will drive about 30.5 minutes to the first Toll Booth and pay an interstate quota; continue in this Toll Highway and pass the exit to both Tizimin and Valladolid.  If you need gasoline, there is a service station between Valladolid and Piste within this Highway no need to exit it.  After you pass Valladolid exit, it takes about 15 minutes more driving within this Toll HWY #180 to arrive to the second Toll Booth where you need to stay in the lane that exits to Piste / Chichen Itza. Pay toll and continue to Piste (right photo) its a Maya village neighboring to the East, Chichen Itza archaeological site and the entrance to the small rural road to Chichen Itza's Zona Hotelera (hotels zone) just a few Km. down this road, read bellow for details.

Driving to Chichen Itza: Once in Piste, the road ends near the Main Square and Old Church, turn to the leftFrom Piste Village to Hacienda Chichen: Follow the road signs to Piste driving over the small rural bridge over HWY 180 (above right photo); this rural road dead-ends in Piste's main square where you will see the main plaza and Church (view right photo sequence), you will turn left at the dead end of the road next to the old church. Pass the village many stores going to the East end (left turn) of the village,  continue driving  passing this rural road's fork with two large upper signs: one on your right going to the Chichen Itza archeological zone and one on the left going to the "Zona Hotelera" (Hotel Zone) take the left fork to the hotel zone. Drive about 1 KM on this large curve road path and you will see the signs of our hotel and spa before you reach the first rural road fork to your right (sharp turn) which is the Zona Hotelera where our hotel is. Continue down this small road until you see the Hacienda Chichen and Yaxkin Spa Entrance sign on your left.




If you plan to drive from Puerto Aventura or Tulum to Coba and Valladolid to enjoy visiting such tourist sites before arriving to the Hacienda Chichen you may take the rural free road #180, please be careful as it is one lane. This road is narrow and has many accidents; watch for speeding tour-buses and for local bikers going to work who may need you to slow down.  You will drive through a few villages, please take care to go slow, children and pets run across road sometimes without looking. Once you arrive to Xcalacoop, you are 6Km away from the hotel; follow the green road signs until you see a tall sign pollDriving to Chichen Itza: Continue driving after you will see this sign at the rural road 180a that circles the archaeological zone with the "Zona Hotelera" sign at the left and "Chichen Itza" at the right.  Slow down, you are to take the small road to the left where the Hotel Zone (Zona Hotelera) road is; keep on driving another 1.5 KM. and at the left you will see the two old ocre-yellow towers of the hotel entrance sign at the left of the road (see large entrance photo at the bottom of this page).


Ask your hotel's clerks how to arrive from their location to the "Periferico" a belt-like highway circling Merida.  Follow the signs at the Periferico that indicate the exit to HWY #180 to Cancun. Drive this federal highway and "Do Stay" in the Paid Toll Highway when you see the road fork that shows both the toll paid Hwy and the Free Road exit to Mayan villages that finally gets you to Chichen Itza.

As you stay in the toll federal highway #180, exit at Piste / Chichen Itza, it is right at the first toll booth.  Make sure you drive to the Chichen Itza toll booth side of the highway. Once you pay (less than US $8) turn right to go towards the town of Piste. Be careful as you approach town. There are a number of topes (bumps in the road) that you do not want to drive over at full speed.

In Piste, the road will dead end with the old church on your right near the village's main square. When the road dead-ends, turn left and drive pass the first road sign indicating the Mayan archaeological site. Follow the curvy road flowing left keep checking signs for the "Zona Hotelera" exit (see our photo column). When this curvy road turns to the left towards Xcalacoop, you will see signs indicating the "zona hotelera" drive slow now as you are to take the sharp right turn into the Zona Hotelera road and Chichen Itza's south entrance; continue on this small rural road until you see the Hacienda Chichen Resort's entrance sign on your left (see bellow photo).

Chichen Itza "Zona Hotelera" new exit that takes you to Hacienda Chichen Resort





Chichen Itza Map and Maya Architecture - Maya temples in Yucatan

Hacienda Chichen Resort and Yaxkin Spa are located within the ancient city of Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico.  We are at the Southeast region, enter to the "Zona Hotelera" small road and almost at the end, passing a horse stable and a mild curve, you will find our main entrance (photo below).  From our gardens, our guests have the privilege to enter the archaeological visited zone (left map) starting with the "House of the Hidden Writtings" all the way to the Sacred Cenote.  This site is vast and very popular, so we recommend you stay at least two nights at Hacienda Chichen to fully enjoy your visit and appreciate the Maya cultural heritage of our ancestors.

Avoid Day Trip Bus Tours as they enter at the hottest time of the day into the site, and then you have long waiting lines to process your tickets and entrance.  During such busy hours, most vendors gather around all main paths and invade your privacy, so we really recommend you avoid all these discomforts, by staying in our hotel, entering the site early morning before massive bus tours arrive, and enjoy a quiet relax visit to such magestic site.  By late morning, return to our hotel to enjoy our pool, and delight in our gourmet organic cuisine.  Book  a Maya Holistic Spa experience at Yaxkin Spa, and get ready to return to Chichen Itza for the night light and show.

Next morning or at dusk, we recommend you book a free Nature Tour and Walk with Naturalist Jim Conrad, or a Birdwatching guided tour with our local Maya guide Biviano.

Food lovers will enjoy booking our private Maya Cuisine Workshop with our Mayan Chef near the pool.

Driving to Chichen Itza: Hacienda Chichen make your reservations now


Bus and Taxi Services:
ADO has buses (first class and economy class) that travel daily to Piste from Merida, Valladolid, and Cancun. We suggest that you contact the local ADO offices in each city, as schedules change.

There are taxi sites near all the bus stations in Merida, Valladolid, Piste and Cancun. Travelers can take the bus to their destination and then hire a taxi at the front entrance of the bus station. Be sure to request the cost of the taxi service before the ride to avoid misunderstandings or overcharging. Hacienda Chichen Resort guests may ask our front desk to call a local taxi or walk to our main entrance to find one at the Taxi Stop on the left street side.

YUCATAN'S DRIVING SAFETY FACTS:Driving to Chichen Itza: TakeTolll Highway # 180 Cancun-Merida

Driving in Yucatan, Mexico, is very safe, easy and comfortable.      We highly recommend travelers to rent a car and enjoy their days visiting many places at their leisure, rather than spending their vacation in tour buses and fixed travel itineraries.  Roads and Highways are patrolled and guarded by local police as well as Mexican federal military teams that are courteous and helpful to residents and travelers alike.

"Drug Related Violence" - In Mexico, any traveler or civilian not involved in illegal drug activities will find peace, fun, friendly faces, and a lot of great memories to take home! Drugs are a worldwide problem and not an exclusive problem of any given nation.  Tourists not involve in illegal activities can enjoy a friendly, safe vacation here and in other countries.


  • Travelers' Safety: Tourists visiting Mexico should exercise same safety cautions during their vacation time as they do at any other country.  Read our recommended travel tips here.

  • Some news media and yellow journalists have been acting very irresponsible by broadcasting that Mexico is unsafe to visit: a false message many travelers have found to be truly misleading.  Facts: Mexico is a friendly nation to visitors, few north states bordering US face drug violence nowadays, drug violence is an International issue faced worldwide.

  • Mexico's "Drug War" is NOT a "Civil War," but an effort to eradicate drug trafficking and illegal financial activities within Mexico and US border. Drug related violence and crimes happen to drug related individuals in Mexico or any other country in the world. 

  • Important Information to gun-owners traveling to Mexico: Mexican Federal Laws prohibit any person to bring guns or personal weapons into the country (Mexico); even if your gun is a register legal weapon in your country of origin. Airlines do not inform travelers of this law but this law will be immediately enforced at the point of entry. Request information to your local Mexico Consulate or the  US Cancun Consular Office for further information.

  • Law abiding travelers: You will find Mexico to be a wonderful destination to explore and enjoy a great vacation.  Do book at least a night to visit Chichen Itza, Yucatan, and explore the Maya eco-wonders near Hacienda Chichen, this green hotel is a great place to enjoy Mother Nature and Maya cultural traditions.

  • Prepare for a Great Vacation:  Travelers will find peace, fun, friendly faces, and a lot of great memories to take home when staying at Hacienda Chichen.   

Wish to Reserve a Room with us, prepay your booking and safe around 15% of your total bill. 

If you are committed to green living practices, our hotel is the ideal green getaway as recommended by  many international organizations such as:

Among Chichen Itza hotels, Hacienda Chichen is the only green destination certified by iStayGreen.org - Green Lodging and Eco-Friendly Hotels     Proud Member of Sustainable Travel International  Hacienda Chichen: Mexico's sustainable destination featured in the 2010 United Nations Climate Change Conference        Nat. Geo. Best Eco-Spa Wellness Destinations: Hacienda Chichen   Hacienda Chichen Resort committed to rescue the Maya Jungle wildlife: flora and fauna.


Zona Hotelera de Chichen Itza, KM.120 Carretera Libre 180 Merida-Puerto Juarez
Chichen Itza,  Yucatan, Mexico C.P. 97751

USA & Canada Toll Free: 1-877-631-4005                            Mexico Phone: +52-999-920-8407