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Yucatan birds: enjoy Hacienda Chichen Bird Refuge fantastic fauna and floraYucatan butterflies are among the lovely creatures at Hacienda Chichen private Nature ReserveYucatan Birds and wildlife are protected by Hacienda Chichen at its private Nature Reserve and Bird Refuge, visit usChichen Itza Wildlife: enjoy Hacienda Chichen wildlife and take a Nature Tour with one of our guides
Chichen Itza hotels and accommodations: Green Hotel, Hacienda Chichen Resort and Yaxkin Spa: Sustainable Getaway a mist Chichen Itza, Maya Temples in the Yucatan, Mexico
Chichen Itza Restaurant: Organic food products from our own Hacienda Chichen In-House Fruit and Veggies GardenYucatan Haciendas and Spas: Preserving Maya traditions and heritage is one of our sustainable commitments, you can find their artcrafts at our Toh BoutiqueMaya Spa: Indulge in ancient Maya Healing Arts at our Yaxkin Spa Holistic Wellness Center
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Green Spa Destination

Practice Sustainable
Tourism  and  dedicate
their social Eco
efforts to the welfare of
the Maya Communities
nearby Chichen Itza
Yucatan, Mexico
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Green Leaderss Platinum Recognition given to Hacienda Chichen Resort, 2015

Exito Award 2011 - Top Sustainable Hotel and Spa

Stay at Hacienda Chichen Resort and Yaxkin Spa to fully experience all what Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico, has to offer you.

Sustainable Maya Holistic Spa and Eco-Cultural Destination Seal of Approval

We offer you Yucatan's Best Green Hotel Stay, Organic Food, Gourmet Cuisine, Maya Cultural Traditions, Maya Spa Healing Center, our Maya Jungle Reserve,

Sacred Maya Ceremonies, private Church and Museum

Among Chichen Itza hotels, Hacienda Chichen is your best choice, not only it offers you a stay within a few walk steps to the Maya temples of Chichen Itza, and a change to explore a its unique Colonial Landmark historic grounds, filled with eco-cultural activities that are sure to enhance your visit and enchant your soul.

Chichen Itza hotel accommodations: Hacienda Chichen a great Pet Friendly hotel in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico

No other Chichen Itza hotel has the hospitality, care and wealth of Maya traditions, so book your green Spa and pet friendly vacation time with us to enjoy the magic and beauty of this green living Maya Spa hotel.

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Our sustainable responsible vision and mission statement: Working together to serve with caring hearts, sharing Maya traditions and values ... uniting hospitality, communities, conservation and sustainable travel choices.

Hacienda Chichen offers you the convenient entrance to Chichen Itza Maya archaeological zone within the hotel's own garden; thus, guests walk rather than drive to their visit and also avoid the crowded tour-bus public entrances waiting. During your stay with us, you will find many Green Living practices in action; we hope, our enthusiasm and commitment to protect the environment as we bring you utmost comfort, gains not only your approval but also your feeling at home at Hacienda Chichen Resort. 

Oh, yes! we will pamper you with our friendly hospitality and eco-friendly services. You can request special diet needs at the time of booking and our chefs will do the best to support your health plan, from vegan to allergic and health restrictions. Below you will find other reasons to book your next vacation with us!

Mexico's Haciendas: one of the best is Hacienda Chichen offering you many activitiesYucatan Haciendas: Come enjoy Hacienda Chichen's Green Living and Sustainable Practices


For four generations the owners of hotel Hacienda Chichen Resort have taken the utmost care to preserve the hacienda's own historical legacy as well as the Maya cultural traditions and values, while protecting the pristine natural environment of their Chichen Itza property. This green hotel owners and staff team, composed by 99% local indigenous Maya rural people, are  committed to an eco-cultural vision and social mission that follows an innovating set of Sustainable Tourism programs, encourage sound ecological practices, and help improve the well-being of Maya rural people close to Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico.

Since the early 1990s, Long before Sustainable Responsible Tourism became a major trend worldwide, Hacienda Chichen Resort owners had committed to its principles and became to empower Maya rural adults hoping to have an opportunity for better jobs despide their lack of formal education and skills.  Hacienda Chichen owners established an in-house job training program that allowed them to create the first hotel in the Yucatan totally managed and operated daily by local Maya workers. They also took a stand on rural Maya women empowerment, helping them get educated in many fields, from Accounting Degrees to Chefs; at the same time, paying each worker for their job position rather than descriminating females with lower wages.  Plus, the hotel has been managed with an innovative responsible commitment to protect the environment. All our eco-friendly hotel practices and efforts are constantly updated and innovated with new green technology to protect the environment.  Our green hacienda hotel protects wildlife, and has dedicated its vast land property as a Bird Refuge and Maya Jungle Nature Reserve. The hotel staff and owners are actively engaged in social care programs for the welfare of Maya families and to encourage regional sustainable tourism development, in an effort to preserve the environment and Maya cultural legacy in Yucatan

Hacienda Chichen and UNEP OrgSince the early 2000s, Mr. Bruce Gordon has pledged to the United Nations Environmental Program to plant hundreds of endemic endanger tree species; you also can contribute to UNEP's "Plant for the Planet."  Committed to improve our land, he installed a truly impressive waste management program, using a state-of-the-art eco-friendly bio-digestible septic system. Our waste water system purifies and recycles used water with the help of bio-digestible tanks and man-made wetlands. For that reason the hotel uses eco-friendly amenities, cleaning and laundry products; as our guest, we asks you to please uses biodegradable personal care products such as eco-friendly repellents and sun-block.

Since 2008, Hacienda Chichen Resort has been annually included in National Geographic Editors' favorite green "Hotels we Love: Stay List," due to our sustainable commitment and soulful green living practices, friendly ambiance and commitment to serve with care traveler visiting Yucatan and Chichen Itza All our eco-friendly hotel practices and efforts are constantly updated and innovated with new green technology to protect the environment.  Our hotel is now also a Pet-Friendly hotel, mainly dogs and cats, so dog-lovers and pet-owners can enjoy fully their vacation time with no worries, if their pet is well behaved.

Since 2009, Hacienda Chichen Resort adopted a Pet-Friendly hotel policy, allowing dogs and cats owners to fully enjoy their vacation time bringing their mascots with no worries, if their pets are well behaved. If you plan to bring your dear pal (dog or cat) please read our Pet-Friendly Booking requirements and policy.

Since 2015, Our Green and Planet Friendly Practices got even stronger.  We remodeled and upgraded our pool with leading green technology to treat our water and care for the environment.  Landscaping includes LED lighting and endemic flora.  Our pool is filled with fresh cenote and filtered with eco-friendly tanks and processes to bring our guests the best non-toxic water pool treatment.

Yucatan Haciendas: Hacienda Chichen in Chichen Itza, a lovely hotel garden view




Hacienda Chichen has a very low construction density, less than 0.08% constructed areas within the 160 hectares of privately own property land. Over 90 hectares of the hotel's land has been dedicated to create our Maya Jungle Private Reserve, home to multiple species of native flora and fauna, including 150 different bird species nesting in our Bird Refuge jungle gardens.


Chichen Itza hotel accommodations: Hacienda Chichen Master Rooms and Cottages are an example of Green Living Practices and responsible decorHacienda Chichen was built by the Spanish Conquistadors using Maya temple stones during the 16th Century, a unique historic example of repurposing building materials. Since then, recycled materials have been used whenever possible. During our continual room upgrading remodeling periods, the owners reclaimed more than a few old furniture pieces and decoration items, as part of the their love for responsible decor choices and to reinforce the hotel’s Colonial rustic ambiance. This environmentally friendly practice has enhanced our guests' appreciation for beauty and grace, even in old recycled and reclaimed furniture in rooms, reducing the amount of waste commonly found in remodeling projects. 


Green Living mission and vision of Hacienda Chichen ResortHacienda Chichen owners and hotel administration take great care to protect the hotel�s underground fresh water resources avoiding all pollutants and other damaging agents. Our water source purity levels are diligently monitored and the hotel staff continually checks and improves the property's extensive pluming system to reduce water waste.  Yucatan�s fresh water supply is found underground.  According to many scientific studies and the United Nations, shortage of clean water is one of the most serious challenges facing the world during this millennium.  As our guest, you can help us preserve our water by using it with conscious care.

Since 2015, Our Green and Planet Friendly Practices got even stronger.  We remodeled and upgraded our pool with leading green technology to treat our water and care for the environment.  Landscaping includes LED lighting and endemic flora.  Our pool is filled with fresh cenote and filtered with eco-friendly tanks and processes to bring our guests the best non-toxic water pool treatment.


  Yucatan Top Green Hotels and Haciendas: Bio-digestible septic system at Hacienda Chichen, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, MexicoWe recycle all our waste water biologically and through man-made wetlands. The gray water (laundry, showers and wash basin) go through filter traps and bio-digestible tanks before they are used as underground irrigation in our gardens. The black waters go into bacteria biodegrading tanks, an organic man-made wetlands as part of our septic water-purification and recycling system. The sediments and organic processed waste become fertilizers for our gardens and compost pile. The kitchen offers guests great cuisine; its gray water processed through grease traps and filters with sand, gravel, stone and bacteria - gray water, once filtered, is used in our natural rejoyadas (natural sink holes with unique micro-environments) and jungle habitat.


Chichen Itza environmental awareness programs sponsored by Hacienda ChichenA solid waste cleaning program at the Hacienda Chichen property has removed several tons of improper solid waste and clandestine dumping from visitors and locals alike in  other hotels' tour-buses parking areas nearby us. Until there is a well managed solid waste and plastic recycling system by visitors, Hacienda Chichen is choosing to decrease the use of plastic water bottles as much as our guests allow us.   Guests can request a water glass jar at their bedside with purified drinking water as a courtesy of ours. For guests finding this practice uncomfortable, we place one chilled water bottle in every room’s mini-bar, at a charge, which we hope stays there.  You can help reduce this problem by avoiding disposable non-organic waste such as plastic bottles.


Yucatan Haciendas: Hacienda Chichen on of the top green wellness destination in MexicoHacienda Chichen has installed LED lights and energy saving electrical devices in all its room accommodations, pool lighting, public areas, and most of its garden illumination.  We also use energy efficient light features. We encourages our staff and guests to use energy in a responsible manner in an effort to save energy and reduce carbon dioxide, a chief contributor to the man-made greenhouse effect. We light only the cottages and public areas that have guests staying each night, and leave only a few night lights after 11 PM to reduce energy waste. We encourage guests to use energy-saving choices while staying with us, requesting them to turn off room lights and setting the room’s air-conditioning unit in a responsible manner, to never leave the room with the air conditioning unit on to reduce its impact on global warming. The hotel uses sun-drying linen practices when weather permits and encourages staff to ride bicycles to work or share car rides as part of our eco-vision hotel policies an commitment to protect the environment.


Chichen Itza hotels: Hacienda Chichen Resort. Yucatan's best green destination Under Mr. Bruce Gordon's direction, active measures are in place to preserve, conserve, and enrich Hacienda Chichen flora and fauna habitats.  Naturalist Jim Conrad has recorded and catalog for years our property's wildlife with utmost care. Mr. Gordon and his forest-guards have planted over 3,500 indigenous hardwood trees in the property and reclaimed over 80 acres of unauthorized farmed land. He and our forest-guards have stopped the illegal hunting of white deer and other endangered species entering the property, an action that has brought increased safety to many endangered endemic species in the region, including families of kinkajous, oscillated turkeys, white tail deer, Morph butterflies, birds and other species. Chichen Itza wildlife: Maya fauna protected at Hacienda Chichen Resort, visit our private Nature ReserveSince the early 2000s, Hacienda Chichen has taken special care to grow wild herbs and medicinal plants used by native Maya healers in their communities. To expand the awareness of Maya traditional holistic healing methods, and the benefits of such practices, Yaxkin Spa is currently training local females in the art of Maya herbal healing procedures.


Maya Culture and Hacienda Chichen sustainable vision: Mayan shamans and elder healers organizationIn December 2006, Hacienda Chichen dedicated over 10,000 meters of land to be the sacred grounds for the Maya Priests and Elder Healers, members of the non-profit organization Kuch Kaab Yéetel J-Men Maaya’ob, A.C. The main mission and vision of this group of organized Maya Priests and Elder Healers is to restore the Maya Cultural legacy and healing traditions of their ancestors and to preserve the rich legacy of their native Maya cultural heritage. The group organizes various Mayan cultural and spiritual activities, educational workshops, sacred ceremonies, and informative lectures to develop general awareness of their ancestral values and practices. Their contribution to the conservation of the Maya Culture enriches the local community and visitors alike. Hacienda Chichen is proud to contribute to and sponsor many of their projects and works consistently to increase the opportunities available to them to share their knowledge with those who value the Maya Civilization.


Chichen Itza Restaurant: Hacienda Chichen Maya Chefs create top quality meals using organic fresh produces, top aged beef cuts, delicious flavors and aromasHacienda Chichen and Yaxkin Spa employ 99% Maya people and locals including our head of departments, Executive Chef, and other relevant positions in our organization. A portion of our profit is dedicated to training our in-house staff for high level positions within our organization. This practice is coordinated with the help of the Maya Foundation In Laakeech our non-profit civil society team of volunteers, their work directly benefits the rural communities. Our job opportunities empower Maya females workers with "equal job, equal pay." A practice that is yet to be exercise in mainstream companies, but a core commitment for us.

In 2005, Hacienda Chichen opened Yaxkin Spa, a holistic Spa were Mayan traditional healing practices, native herbal medicinal remedies, and other organic elements are used by local Maya Healers and shamans to purify and renew the energy in each of person in communion with nature.

Hacienda Chichen employs 99% local rural Maya workers as part of its commitment to Sustainable Tourism in Chichen Itza, Yucatan,The hotel sponsors workshops and training programs for our staff to earn additional income directly, such as the Local Bird-watching Guides. The program began in 2004 due to the increasing illegal tree-cutting in the surrounding area. The deforestation in the region was depleting mature trees used for wood-carving souvenirs sold on the tourist routes to Chichen Itza. To minimize the negative impact of this activity, Hacienda Chichen hotel has designated an area to plant mainly Gumbo Limbo trees (the favorite for souvenir carvers) and to train the staff in proper cutting procedures. Volunteers are welcome to help us create an eco-vision awareness within the local communities.


Gender Job Equality and Women Empowerment at Hacienda Chichen Resort, Chichen Itza, YucatanHacienda Chichen Resort job recruiting practices are based on our responsible gender job equality commitment.  We treat all workers with same respect, providing equal pay for equal work position, offering same economic opportunities to both genders. we encourage and help our workers to enroll in higher education programs. Plus, provide free job related workshops and offer financial support to those opting to enroll in formal academic institutes. Our administration staff currently has more females in high positions than males; this is due to the energetic character of our female workers and their commitment to excel.  Our guests are encourage to become volunteers and join our social work ventures supporting education programs for children, young adults, and the working force among the local Maya.


Hacienda Chichen hotel buys many local products on a daily basis, including organic tortillas freshly made in Xcalacoop, delicious bread buns from San Felipe, seasonal vegetables and other food products grown by small families in the nearby rural Maya villages. This practice is extended to non-perishables products, all in the effort to support the local economy. Our Toh Boutique,  sells native Mayan artists’ fine crafts to encourage the revival of traditional arts by Maya people. Profits help our Nature Conservation, our Bird Refuge and the Maya Foundation In Laakeech Children’s Nutrition Program.


Chichen Itza Restaurants: Taste the fresh organic fruits and veggies at our Chichen Itza Restaurants, Hacienda Chichen Gourmet CuisineIn 2003, our senior staff and local farmer, Filomeno Mex Tun retired from the hospitality service and started Hacienda Chichen hotel own organic farm. He and his farmers team produce most of the hotel's fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and currently the medicinal plants used at Yaxkin Spa. Guests can stroll each morning and visit his crop-fields at the south of the hotel’s gardens. It is a pleasure to hear his soft Maya lyrics as he works.

Wild honey is found in our land. The staff is requested to protect bees and can benefit from the wild honey found in our hotel property, as much as from the traditional Maya medicine herbs found in our Nature trails and any other other richness of the land as long as their activities do not destroy the delicate nature of the habitat.


Mayan Art: Maya artist Patricia Martin exclusive fine replicas sold at Toh Boutique, Chichen Itza, YucatanHacienda Chichen Resort's purchasing policies focus on buying products that reduce our environmental impact. Our cleaning supplies are bio-degradable. Our green hotel is committed to purchase local products, and organically grown food products focusing on health and quality criteria. Proud of the beautiful traditional arts and crafts of the Maya people, we buy all our new décor items directly from Mayan communities. This contributes to the conservation of native traditional artful skills while increasing their income opportunities.


Hacienda Chichen Resort and Yaxkin Spa’s socially responsible vision benefits us all: guests, staff, owners, and local community. By sharing our green vision and sustainable hotel mission, we hope you will be embraced by our genuine “family feeling,”  pampered by our friendly service and dazzled by our genuine soulful eco-cultural  ambiance  filled with the desired to serve and share with our guests our Maya world.

 Guests learn to appreciate the mystical awareness of native people, who have the opportunity to express and share their Maya traditions with those that visit. This increases the natural joy of learning about each other; this interaction enriches both: the local community and our visitors’ cultural experience / knowledge.

Yucatan Haciendas and Maya Spa's best choice: Hacienda Chichen: best eco-friendly hotel and family reunion destination in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico  Yucatan Haciendas accommodations: Mexico's Best Green Spa Hacienda and Green hotel - Hacienda Chichen Resort's rooms and gardens

Yucatan Green hotels and Haciendas: Maya Paradise at Hacienda Chichen Resort, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico

Come and enjoy one of our many Yucatan Vacation Packages and Eco-Spa Wellness Destination discount offers; visit Yucatan Adventure, an volunteer Yucatan Eco-Travel Guide dedicated to support the Mayan Foundation In Laakeech social programs and to help travelers find fun eco-cultural activities, Mayan cultural traditions, ancient Mayan arts, and other fine articles.  Remember, Hacienda Chichen Resort and Yaxkin Spa are Chichen Itza's best Green hotels choice and offer you Chichen Itza's restaurants top food quality and a delightful Mayan Fusion and Gourmet Cuisine. So do come and indulge your senses and soul.

Familiarize yourself with our green hotel services, rooms, and sustainable activities by browsing our site.  Begin by planning your Chichen Itza vacation days with our special vacation offers, and one night rates.

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Chichen Itza hotels accommodations best choice - Hacienda Chichen in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico

In Nov. 2010 Hacienda Chichen Resort was presented as an example of Mexico's Sustainable Tourism and Green Destination in the COP16 Climate Change Convention


Mexico's Best Green Jungle Resort and  Eco-Spa Wellness Destination within the majestic Mayan site of Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico

           Proud Member of Sustainable Travel International  Hacienda Chichen: Mexico's sustainable destination featured in the 2010 United Nations Climate Change Conference        Nat. Geo. Best Eco-Spa Wellness Destinations: Hacienda Chichen   Hacienda Chichen Resort committed to rescue the Maya Jungle wildlife: flora and fauna.


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