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Did you Know Maya is a true ancient Mother language and there are over 30 Mayan Dialects spoken today.

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Getting to Know the Maya Culture

One of the most prominent features of Hacienda Chichen Resort is that its guests have immediate intimate contact with the Maya culture, its heritage and culinary and healing holistic traditions.  In fact, traditions passed from mother to daughter and father to son, through generations in utmost reverence and care.  The friendly nature found in the Maya people, living near Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico, creates a heartwarming traveling experience and this 2012 Maya Calendar ending year will bring a fantastic opportunity for you to enjoy it all. Many facts about the Maya people and Chichen Itza, will enhance your visit and appreciation of this region.

Come stay solo, as a couple, or family, and if you can why not travel with your beloved dog and enjoy a truly eco-cultural vacation filled with fun cultural activities, visiting geo-wonders, ancient Maya sites and more.  We offers you dog-friendly cottage rooms.


Every year, J-Men Maya Healers and Wiseman celebrate their sacred rituals, all intimately related with the ancient Tozlkin Maya Calendar, at the Hacienda Chichen's Maya Jungle Reserve. Guests are invited to participate and experience this and other traditional Mayan culture celebrations. For further details read Yucatan Adventure Eco-Travel Guide cultural articles including: Maya Sacred Ceremonies and Rituals.

We offer various Yucatan vacation packages and volunteer opportunities sure to ensure you a magical visit to Chichen Itza and Yucatan; we recommend you plan some fun  sustainable responsible tourism activities and eco-cultural experiences or participate in our Yucatan Volunteer Social Programs dedicated to empower the Mayan rural people of Yucatan.

March Spring Equinox: Don't miss the Mayan Sacred New Fire Ceremony celebrated by Mayan Senior Healers or J-Men at their Sacred Maya Ceremonial Site; experience the mystical power of our Mayan Zumpul-che sweat-bath Ceremony for two 13 guests sessions Reserve Now


During 2010, J-Men Bartolome Poot Nahuat conducted Mayan Medicinal Plants Workshops at his Mayan School and Botanic Garden in Espita, Yucatan, Mexico.  For directions and workshop registration please contact him directly at the Oxlajuntikuj Mayan School email: oxlajuntikuj@hotmail.com


Hacienda Chichen and Yaxkin Spa sponsors many Mayan Cultural Events as part of the hotel's green social mission and sustainable tourism vision; our staff and owners are committed to help preserve the local Maya culture, Mayan traditions, culinary arts, healing wisdom, holistic ceremonies and Cosmo-vision rituals.

Hacienda Chichen and Yaxkin Spa have in house hospitality training workshops as part of the owners' eco-social awareness and commitment.  This green boutique hotel is 99% staffed by Mayan rural people. Here, we encourage our workers to speak Yucatecan Maya, their mother language and share with guests their ancestral Mayan cultural traditions; guest may hear staff singing Maya melodies as they stroll through our 100% Organic Plantation where fruits and vegetables are grown to be served at one of our hotel's Chichen Itza restaurants.

Come and experience the mystical energy of Maya sacred ceremonies or learn from Maya Senior J-Men Wiseman and Ix-Men Healers wisdom.  Experience the Mayan spiritual awakening of their many holistic rituals at Yaxkin Spa, share with the local natives a few healing remedies or taste one of our favorite Maya cooking recipes. At Hacienda Chichen, travelers find many eco-cultural activities to help them experience the Maya vast cultural heritage.


Travelers interested in free volunteer social work programs sponsored by Hacienda Chichen and the NGO Maya Foundation In Laakeech (pronounce in lak'ech) should browse Yucatan Adventure Eco-Travel Guide to learn about our volunteer vacation programs and volunteering in Chichen Itza, Yucatan guidelines.


Check our Current Vacation Packages and Rates remember we offer Eco-Spa Holistic Retreats gear to experience fully the Mayan cultural healing traditions of Yucatan, Mexico. 

If you wish to participate in any of our many wonderful free social volunteer vacation packages to support the Mayan communities near Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico, please review our volunteers FAQ.


Yucatan Adventure the Maya Foundation In Laakeech Volunteer Eco-Travel Guide and green Volunteer Magazine featuring geo-tourism articles about the Maya culture, Mayan cuisine, sacred ceremonies, Yucatan Wedding Destinations, and eco-cultural sites. Find places to visit or be in social volunteer programs.

Yucatan Today - an article about the organizations and foundations in Yucatan with most reliable volunteer opportunities for travelers.

Wikipedia: Mayan People Article

Maya Culture and Traditions offered at Hacienda Chichen, sustainable tourism at its best
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Old Chichen archeological zone within Hacienda Chichen Nature Reserve
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