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Where to Eat in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico:  Hacienda Chichen offers you the best gourmet organic cuisine, traditional Mayan recipies, Fusion Culinary delights and the finest restaurant service and menus in Chichen itza.
Yucatan Haciendas: Where to Eat in Chichen Itza Best Chichen Itza Restaurantl
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Exito Award 2011 - Top Sustainable Hotel and Spa

Where to eat at Chichen Itza? For quality fresh food and gourmet menu choices, Hacienda Chichen Resort cis the best of Chichen Itza restaurant choices.  Experience why we are internationally acclaimed as Chichen Itza best restaurant and among Yucatan best Gourmet Restaurants.
Hacienda Chichen hosted a Gala Lunch for the T20 Mexico Tourism Ministers and Travel Leaders this 16th may, 2012
Hacienda Chichen
proudly cater the T20
Gala Lunch in Chichen Itza
We offer
Corporate Cetering
Exclusive Corporate Lunch
Parties Planning.

Organic food, healthy food, special diet choices, Maya cuisine, Fusion cuisine, VIP group menus, weddings, catering, special events etc.



Finest Gourmet Catering in Chichen Itza Yucatan, Mexico

Prepare yourself for a truly delightful food experience at Hacienda Chichen, offering yu top quality cuisine and diverse culinary choices, organic gourmet cuisine, delicious flavors and zesty aromas.  With an exceptional Maya Cuisine background and Gourmet Fusion Menu Selections, our Maya Chefs have caught the attention of many professional culinary critics for his artistic and exquisite cooking achievements.  Their traditional Maya culinary heritage and innovative Organic Fusion Cuisine, together with his passion for fresh healthy ingredients and product quality, ensures you a delightful food experience.

Indeed, his impeccable cooking has created an award winning culinary experience at our restaurants: Los Faisanes Bistro a formal A/C restaurant, and Chilam Balam dinning terrace over-viewing our lush tropical gardens.  His gourmet menus and catering service have foster our international recognition as Chichen Itza Gourmet Culinary Destination.  It is no wonder, as Hacienda Chichen has won top culinary ratings from respected food critics and International culinary magazines, who consider this green hacienda among Mexico's finest gourmet culinary destinations and the best place to eat in Chichen Itza.

Where to eat while in Chichen Itza? Hacienda Chichen Resort offers fresh organic cuisine and delicious healthy gourmet choices

Executive Chef Josue Cime offers you top quality gourmet menus at Chichen Itza's best restaurant: Los Faisanes, Hacienda Chichen  Chichen Itza Catering Service at its best - VIP party planners and exclusive group lunch services at Hacienda Chichen, Yucatan


If you have a special diet or allergies, our Chefs will make sure to serve you personalized entrees to meet your health needs.  So relax and enjoy their cooking, like many food-lovers that value their healthy gourmet meals.  Our team of Maya Chefs menu selections will surely dazzle you. Backed by their commitment to purchase top quality foods, such as aged beef cuts, fresh seafood and their daily fresh pick of vine-ripe organic grown fruits, herbs and vegetables, grown in our organic orchard or locally produced

We are proud to continue serving Maya Chefs delicatessens to the world's most respected dignitaries, as well as special VIP groups, family reunions and exquisite Gala Weddings, and we can cater your next family reunion party or the wedding of your dreams with a fine selection of our Gourmet Party Menus and catering services.  With all this care comes friendly service to your table and we add live guitar music to give you a truly memorable dinning experience sure to delight your senses. Plus, our guests and catering event groups have the additional comfort to use the archaeological entrance gate located in our gardens, so no crowds and busy lines to waste time, just relaxing lovely in and out visits to Chichen Itza's Maya temples and site! Comfort and a feeling of privacy for your special events, weddings, and parties.


Recommended Restaurants in Chichen Itza:

Hacienda Chichen and  its Maya Chefs are committed to serve you
healthy, organic, top quality and down right delicious food.

 Yucatan Catering Service - Chichen Itza weddings, special events, private group dining, Chichen Itza  best  gourmet food at Hacienda Chichen Resort



If you enjoy tasty healthy food and gourmet organic fine choices, come to eat at Hacienda Chichen Resort, where you will be served delicious food and the best meals not only in Chichen Itza, but in all Yucatan, Mexico.  Our Chichen-Itza restaurants offer you great service and zesty flavors, aromas, and exquisite meal presentations; our chefs care for your immediate meal satisfaction as much as your health serving you top organic food quality choices.  So remember Hacienda Chichen offers the best choices among Chichen Itza restaurants, come enjoy our culinary world.


 Chichen Itza Restaurnts Finest Organic Cuisine found at Hacienda Chichen     Mexico's Haciendas: one of the best is Hacienda Chichen offering you many activities

Where to eat in Chichen Itza? What better choice than to eat top organic gourmet meals at Hacienda Chichen Resort  Chichen Itza Restaurnts Fresh Organic Cuisine served at Hacienda Chichen

Let the friendly nature of our local Mayan staff and Chefs delicious menu choices capture your hearts and share the joy of healthy organic meals by supporting our NGO Maya Children Nutrition Program . Read about our holistic Sustainable Green hotel practice that have help Hacienda Chichen rank as Yucatan's best Green hotel and Maya Jungle Resort. Enjoy fully the Magic and Beauty of Chichen Itza. Experience our world.

 Familiarize yourself with our green hotel services, rooms, and sustainable activities by browsing our site.  Plan your Chichen Itza vacation days with our special vacation offers, and one night rates

You may wish to read more about our non-profit sustainable volunteer ventures so check our NGO site www.yucatanadventure.com.mx  featuring articles about the Maya culture, traditions, and Travel Tips.


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