Yucatan dog-friendly hotels: Hacienda Chichen Resort: a pet-friendly Spa and dog-friendly jungle resort in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico

Hacienda Chichen Resort: Your Dog-Friendly Vacation Getaway in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico
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Chichen Itza hotel Hacienda Chichen is an awarded Green Spa Destination

Practice Sustainable
Tourism  and  dedicate
their social Eco
efforts to the welfare of
the Maya Communities
nearby Chichen Itza
Yucatan, Mexico
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Exito Award 2012 - Top Sustainable Hotel and Spa

Where to eat at Chichen Itza? For quality fresh food and gourmet menu choices, Hacienda Chichen Resort is the best of Chichen Itza restaurant choices.  Experience why we are internationally acclaimed as Chichen Itza best restaurant and among Yucatan best Gourmet Restaurants.
Plan your Pet Friendly Vacation Now at Hacienda Chichen Resort, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico
We offer
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Organic food, healthy food, special diet choices, Maya cuisine, Fusion cuisine, VIP group menus, weddings, catering, special events etc.

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Dog-Friendly Vacations in  Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico


We welcome dog-lovers and their well trained pets.  We know it is less stressful for your dogs / cats and yourself to vacation together, and Hacienda Chichen makes it possible!  Our hotel is the ideal place to enjoy an adventure vacation in the company of your beloved dogs or cats.    As a Jungle Pet-Friendly Resort, we caters to your needs and understands how important is to share your life and vacations with your fur-friends.  Spend time with your dogs exploring ancient Maya and Colonial sites, or just running and playing fetch in our extensive gardens, birding in our jungle trails, relaxing in your room terrace or even swim in a rural cenote away from the tourist crowds; just check our "activities page for some great outdoor ideas and places to visit."


Yucatan Pet-Friendly Hotels: Hacienda Chichen in Chichen Itza offers dog-owners the best vacation destination in Mexico

As a responsible pet-owner you must call or write us in advance to make sure your pet’s breed and behavior training do match our pet-friendly policies before reserving your stay.  As a pet-friendly boutique hotel and sustainable retreat, Hacienda Chichen Resort offers pets and their human companions a variety of activities to be enjoyed together.  View our Stay Offers here.

We do our best for you and your pet to have a great sleep and time while visiting Hacienda Chichen, Chichen Itza

First time guest pet-owners need to have their pets on a leash at all times to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all guests; former guest pet-owners with excellent trained pets that obey vocal commands may walk their mascots off leash only after the hotel issues them a “well-behaved dog certificate”.  There are countless smells and animals (deer, iguanas, armadillos, birds, rabbits, etc.) in the Hacienda Chichen gardens that may tempt your pet to run off, so be mindful of your pet�s obedience and habits. If you like birding and star-gazing you should bring your binoculars! There is plenty to keep your pet engaged and interested, even if on a leash while exploring.

Fun eco-activities await you and your beloved Puppy or older pal at Hacienda ChichenPet owners need to understand that the hotel is relying on their word that their dogs are well socialized, well mannered, and capable of being in public areas without endangering any other animal or human being.  Please do not intend to bring a pet that has shown signs of aggression of any kind or "mildly" misbehaves; doing so, jeopardizes your stay, as we will  ask you to leave without  refund for the safety of our staff, guests and other pets.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Our hotel only allows well behaved and trained dogs, your pet must stay with you, the owner, at all times. First time pet-guests need to have their leash on at all times while outside their pet-friendly room, even when relaxing in your room's terrace. Both your pet and you must respect and follow Hacienda Chichen Resorts' pet-friendly hotel policies and requirements to ensure non-pet-owner guests enjoy their stay while you visit us with your dog or cat.  If your dog or cat behavior meets our standards you can enjoy many pet-friendly privileges during your future visits to our Eco-Spa hotel

Chichen Itza hotels - Hacienda Chichen Resort allows well behaved dogs to visit, stay,  and take part in your family vacation It is important that as a pet owner, you understand that you are completely required to have full control of your dog's or cat's behavior and that you are entirely liable for any wrongdoing by your pat during your stay at our hotel, Hacienda Chichen Resort

PET STAY RATES: Small dogs stay incur a fee of USD $30 per night plus tax /  Mid-size dogs stay incur a fee of USD $40 per night plus tax / Large dogs stay incur a fee to be determined by the breed and weight of the dog, confirmation upon request only.


Pet or Dog-Owners need to agree to all of
Hacienda Chichen Resort's Pet-friendly policies and regulations

1.       Pet-Friendly Hotel Reservation Pre-requirements: Dog owners and pet-lovers need to inform us the breed, sex, age, weight, size, temper, training level, etc. of the dog they plan to bring).  Upon acceptance of the reservation, pet-owners need to pre-paid their no-refundable booking and abide by our pet-friendly policies and regulations.   As a pet owner you need to accept to leave the property in the event the hotel ask you if your pet shows disruptive behavior, lack of control, or any other situation that may endanger other guests and staff.

Yucatan Haciendas, pet-friendly Hacienda Chichen is the ideal vacation place for your family pal.2.       Dog owners need to write, signed and send scan copy of their letter of agreement that they understand fully they are totally liable for their mascot behavior, wrong doings, barking constantly, etc. while staying at the hotel and being around other guests, staff, and visitors to the property. Such letter is to be emailed upon reservation and is to be brought (the original signed document) to the front-desk for the check in process to begin. No pets will be allowed in the hotel property without a pre-booked reservation and letter of acceptance and owner's signed agreement that they agree to comply with the hotel pet-polices.

3.       Upon acceptance, a pet-friendly booking will be charged an additional fee per night stay per (dog) or mascot. Check our Pet Rates.

4.       Large dog breed owners need to exercise extra control on their mascot and will be only permitted to book the pre-designed pet-friendly rooms that have a private security fence.  Large dog breed owners need to have special care to secure their pets at all times to ensure other guests comfort. Small dog breed owners may reserve regular hotel rooms without a special security fence. 

5.       First time pet owners are requested to have their dog on a leash when out of their room and especially when other guests are in the area. Leashes, tags and collars need to be brought by dog owners to ensure his/her pet is secured and others are safe.  Pet owners need to be respectful of other guests’ right to request the dog or mascot is not near them, there is a special dog-friendly open terrace where dog-lovers are served meals, bar treats, and can enjoy a smoke and free WiFi services.

Pet Friendly Hotel Hacienda Chichen Resort offers dog owners special vacation packages to visit Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico with their dear pal.

6.   Only Former guests' pet owners may have our hotel issue a special permit and the dog's “Well-Behaved Dog Certificate” to walk without a leash in public areas, but always needs to be under the owners’ personal supervision.  Such certificates will be issued upon request, only to former dog-owner clients that we know their dogs can be trusted around other guests and staff; such special treat, needs to be taken with a responsible understanding that the owner is liable for his/her dog or mascot doings.  Remember your dog requires to be supervise at all times.

7.       Pet owners must pick up after their pets.  Pet “clean-up bags” can be brought from home or you may buy a role at the hotel’s boutique at a charge.  There will be a pick up fee if our staff does the job.

8.       No disrupting barking is allowed at any time. Dogs may bark, as it is their nature, but constant disruptive barking dogs are requested to leave the hotel for the sake of other guests’ tranquility.

9.       Guests are encouraged to bring their own pet bedding or similar products such as food, food bowls, etc.  Toys are also important for your dog to be comfortable and adapt to new environments, so bring your dog's favorite ones.

Pet friendly Hacienda Chichen helps you celebrate with your furry friend all types of party events10.    Two weeks prior to arrival you can request us to help you with your pet needs such as bedding and food / water bowls, and dry food for an extra charge (please check if your mascot’s own food brand and needs are available at the hotel’s pet-food-catering service list). 

        Wish to Celebrate your furry friend's Birthday! just let us know and we will arrange his or her special doggy party treats upon request!  We cater pet-friendly weddings, honeymoons, and family holidays so you can enjoy a full family members holiday when staying at Hacienda Chichen.


11.    For the enjoyment of future guests, pets are not allowed to be on any of the hotel’s furniture or guests' beds.  You will be charge a huge cleanning service fee if you allow your pet to do so.

12.   At the time of booking, pet owner needs to email a scan copy of the following health documents:

a.       If the pet is under 3 months of age, it requires a Health Certificate.  (during check-in, we will make copies for our records.  You need to keep the original, you will need it to leave the country).

b.       If the pet is older than 3 months of age, you are required to bring his/her Health Certificate and Vaccination Card (at check in we will make copies for our records) from your veterinarian at home, specifying the application of rabies vaccine with a validity no longer than 1 year.

c.       Make sure your dog’s health and vaccination records states that your veterinarian has administered an external parasite medication mentioning the brand given, such as Frontline, and that your pet is “free from parasites, fleas, ticks, etc.”

Enjoy a relaxing time with your beloved dogs in our Catherwood 28 Master room at Hacienda Chichen, Chichen Itza, YucatanThe dog or pet original health certificate and vaccination card must be presented at your check-in, no exceptions will be allowed. Failing to bring such health requirement will prevent the client from staying at the hotel and all room reservation fees and charges will be non-refundable.  

Please do not bring a pet that has shown signs of aggression or other signs of anti-social behavior.  We welcome only friendly, well-behaved mascots.
While you enjoy your pet's company, be mindful other guests need to enjoy their stay as well.  Remember not everybody feels comfortable around dogs, so please ask guests if they are OK with your dog being near them.

Remember that you agree to leave the hotel promptly if your pet is disruptive and is not following our pet-behavior  full requirements; we hope we will not need to request you to leave at any time, but do keep in mind that the hotel reserves the right to ask you to leave and that you the pet owner are liable for your mascot’s behavior and all wrong doings. 

Enjoy fully the Magic and Beauty of Chichen Itza. Experience our world.

 Familiarize yourself with our green Chichen Itza hotel services, rooms, and sustainable activities by browsing our site.  We offer you special Chichen Itza hotel's vacation offers, and one night rates. 

Hacienda Chichen Resort
Chichen Itza,  Yucatan, Mexico

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