Yucatan Maya Spa and Hacienda Chichen Resort: Sustainable Green Resort and Maya Spa Destination
Hacienda Chichen Resort offers you green living ecultural experiences and soulful fun vacations

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Yucatan Pet-friendly hotels: Hacienda Chichen a great Pet Friendly hotel in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico
Hacienda Chichen your best choice among Chichen Itza Hotels



Exito Award 2011 - Top Sustainable Hotel and Spa

We offer Yucatan's Best Green Hotel Stay, Organic Food, Gourmet Cuisine, Maya Cultural Traditions, Maya Spa Healing Center, our Maya Jungle Reserve,

Sacred Maya Ceremonies, private Church and Museum

Among Chichen Itza hotels, Hacienda Chichen is your best choice, not only it offers you a stay in green hotel accommodations within a few walk steps to the Maya temples of Chichen Itza, and a change to explore a its unique Colonial Landmark historic grounds, filled with eco-cultural activities that are sure to enhance your visit and enchant your soul.



Chichen Itza Hotels Green Living Choice: Hacienda Chichen Resort - Did you know we offer many eco-cultural activities?
Hacienda Chichen
offers its guests:

Time to enjoy a Dog-Friendly vacation at Hacienda Chichen Resort, Chichen Itza, Yucatan.
Hacienda Chichen
offers dog-lovers
a pet-friendly getaway
Learn about our
Pet-Friendly Policies

Rooms with gated patios!

Mayan cuisine at Chichen ItzaYaxkin Spa

Yucatan Bird RefugeArt Gallery & Museum

Lush tropical gardens near Chichen ItzaToh Mayan Boutique

Stay in comfort at Chichen ItzaGuest Service Center with Free WiFi internet

Stay in comfort at Chichen Itza Free Long Distance Calls to US & Canada
for our guests.

Maya herb gardenConference Room

Weddings at Hacienda ChichenPrivate 16th Century
Colonial Church

 Maya ceremonial sitesWedding and
Private Group Services

Awesome Birding! Come enjoy Mother Nature's treasures!

Our Eco-Cultural
Mayan Activities

Our Wedding

Air conditioned restaurantMaya Ceremonies
and Sacred Rituals

Yaxkin Spa & RetreatOutdoor Terrace
Bars and Restaurants

Gourmet Maya CuisineGourmet Menus
Organic Maya Cuisine

Gourmet Maya CuisineOrganic Food &
Mayan Cooking Classes

Bird Sanctuary in YucatanBird Refuge and
Maya  Jungle Reserve

Swimming pool at haciendaEco-friendly
Filtered swimming pool

Gourmet Maya CuisineRoom Service and
Non-Smoking Rooms

Air conditioned rooms in YucatanAir conditioned rooms, formal restaurant, sala,
 library & TV room

Hacienda Chichen
Best Mayan Eco-Spa Destination, Yucatan, Chichen Itza, Mexico.


Yucatan Haciendas best Green hotel and Wellness Spa Destination
embraced by the Maya pyramids of Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico

WHY STAY WITH US? Because it can bring magic to your vacation time! If you are looking for a very special vacation experience, then Hacienda Chichen is the place for you to stay and indulge in pampering experiences, plus savor the soulful  essence of our Colonial and ancient Maya heritage.  Not only you will enjoy a relaxing romantic ambiance, but can truly revitalize your soul in communion with Mother Nature flora, fauna, and other amazing eco-cultural enriching experiences.  Sadly, some travelers choose to endure crowded day-trip tour buses to visit Chichen Itza, thinking that there is not much to enjoy nearby, not knowing that such guided group tours are exhausting and give little value to their overall vacation.

NOW!  As a guest of Hacienda Chichen Resort, you will enjoy visiting the archaeological zone
by using our hotel's private entrance located within the hotel's garden!
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Chichen Itza hotel accommodations: Green Hotel Hacienda Chichen Resort Rooms and Cottages
View here our hotel's property layout

Enchanting Serenity: Our 12 historic hotel cottages house a total of 28 guestrooms that are embraced by our Maya Jungle and Nature Reserve. Each cottage offers one or up to four rooms, all uniquely decorated with Mayan crafts and Spanish Colonial accents.  To help you connect with Mother Nature and have a relaxing experience, most of our rooms offer no TV, phones and Internet; you can enjoy such services in the hotel's main mansion; we do offer a few master-room for those guests that must have such services in their rooms, check here

You may reserve a variety of room choices to meet your needs: enjoy a two Full beds historic guest-room to share with family or friend, but if you are traveling along we suggest our one Queen bed solo-guestrooms. Couples will love to reserve one of our cozy honeymoon rooms (one Queen bed) or any of our spacious and beautiful Master Guest-rooms you have a choice of booking one King bed or two Full bed, please do express your choice to our reservation staff. We offer dog-lovers special pet-friendly rooms.  

All hotel guestroom offers you a spacious patio terrace over looking our vast lush Maya jungle gardens.
Read here about our green living vision and mission, property eco-design and hotel's layout

Sustainable Eco-Cultural Destination Seal of Approval bestowed to Hacienda Chichen ResortNational Geographic Senior Travel Editor, Sheila Feldman comment says it all: "Hacienda Chichen and Yaxkin Spa do not just reflect their surroundings - they help define them. Their transcendent innovating vision  goes beyond traditional hotel keeping." She adds, "you leave with the kind of insight only soulful places can provide."

So come enjoy our Green hotel eco-cultural activities, fabulous grounds, and unique history. All guestrooms offer green living features: led lights, bio-digestible septic system, eco-friendly amenities, and social responsible services; where no T.V. or phone will disrupt your enjoying birds singing and an intimate contact with nature.

Please help us care for the environment by following a few tips:

Chichen Itza hotels: Green Awareness and Sustainable Travel Choice: Hacienda Chichen Resort

 Bedding and Towels:  please keep your towels and sheets clean and off the floor, every other day we change them during your stays. An eco-friendly hotel practice that helps conserve our precious water resources and the environment.

Chichen Itza hotels: Green Awareness and care at Hacienda ChichenEco-Friendly Laundry Services for personal clothes at an extra charge, next day service only. Max. 16 lb. per load, separate colors, use Laundry Bag,  No dry-clean items. Never hang your wet clothes in your terrace or gardens, you risk loosing them and we are not responsible; also, it is not tolerated by other guests and will be promptly removed at your own risk.

Yucatan Hacienda's Top Green hotel accommodations and awarenessDrinking Water: You may drink our tap water, but if you prefer bottled water, you will find it for sale in your room.  Mini-bar snacks and bottled drinks are there for sale, payable at check out. Profit from mini-bar sales help our sustainable social work ventures.

Chichen Itza top Green Hotel and accommodations: Hacienda Chichen Resort offers you green room features.

 Energy: This is a Green Living Destination featuring LED lights in all guest-rooms and energy saving lights in our gardens. LED lights do take a bit of time to warm up to fully illuminate. Do  "Turn Off" your room's A/C, fan, etc. as you leave the room! On cool nights avoid A/C use.

Chichen Itza hotels: Green Awareness and care at Hacienda Chichen Trash: Each room has assigned one organic and one non-organic waste basket; please use them as intended. Never throw paper or any other item in W.C. (toilets), use instead our waste baskets.- Keep trash off W.C. units to help our eco-friendly bio-digestible septic system run smoothly. You will find well posted recycling bins in our gardens, pool and public areas.

Chichen Itza hotels: Green Awareness and care at Hacienda ChichenUse only eco-friendly personal care items such as pump-spray cosmetics, bio-friendly sun-block lotions and eco-friendly insect repellents. 

SMOKING: No Smoking indoors allowed. For your additional comfort, please note that all our guest-rooms are non-smoking as per Mexican Laws. If you enjoy smoking, please do so in your open patio terrace or in our gardens.  Smokers braking this law will be charged an additions fee for Special Room Cleaning Services.

You may wish to book one of our Wi-Fi Rooms for an additional rate.FREE WI-FI services for all our guests at our Main Hacienda Mansion's open terrace.Chichen Itza best hotels: Hacienda Chichen in a proud member of "Pack for a Purpose" check the list of items you can bring to help us help Maya Children  Please note that such service is a bit erratic due to our location.

ROOMS WITH WI-FI SERVICE: We offer guests 7 guestrooms. .  with direct Wi-Fi Service; bellow is our detailed Room Information.

DID YOU KNOW? All Master guest-rooms offer a split hotel room plan with vanity area, walk-in closet, handmade soaps and eco-friendly amenities, large pool towels, ropes, slippers, and other special green living and eco-friendly treats. You can choose a King bed or two Full beds Master guest-room, plus the choice of deep deluxe bath-tub or senior friendly shower area.

 PET FRIENDLY HOTEL: Pet lovers do check our  pet-friendly hotel policies before booking.  You may wish to review our regular prices contact-info and vacation offers.  Below is a brief "who is who" information about each cottage archaeologist that has lived at Hacienda Chichen and the cottage rooms we offer you.

BE ADVISED: The hotel policies do not allow any guest or visitor to enter the property with groceries, food products, or beverages (albeit alcoholic or non-alcoholic) purchased from an outside vendor. The hotel reserves the right to confiscate such items from guests and their rooms. A penalty of $50 USD will be incurred per incident and charged to the guest's room. Guests are required to sign our hotel policies, terms and conditions upon checking in.

PLEASE NOTE: rates-decor All our room rates and services are USD currency based. You may pay: 1) in cash with USD, Euros, or Mexican pesos at the announced exchange rate at check-out, or 2) with your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit card exclusively in Mexican Pesos at the announced exchange rate, in accordance with Mexican banking policy.



Chichen Itza hotels: Hacienda Chichen Guestrooms and accommodations, Yucatan, Mexico
 Pollock's Cottage (Honeymoon Room #7)  Reserve

Morley's Cottage (#1, 2, 3 Master room, 4) - This historic cottage offers you lovely historic hotel accommodations, it was built by Dr. Sylvanus Morley, Head of the first Mayan Scholar Expedition sponsored by the Carnegie Institute in the early 1900s. He built it with ancient Maya stones while reconstructing temples at Chichen Itza. It houses Morley's Master #3 in honor of Dr. Donald M Hart, this suite has an ample living area with mini-bar and coffee maker, one premium memory pad King bed, and senior friendly shower bathroom; it shares a lovely large patio terrace with Morley's Queen Bed guest-room # 4 ideal for newly wed couples or solo guests.  Morley Room #1 offers two Full beds; and Morley Room #2, also a honeymoon room with a Queen bed, share a lovely large terrace patio overlooking the lush gardens near the swimming pool.  Offers   Rates   Reserve    

Ruppert's Cottage (#5 and 6) - Karl Ruppert lived in this cottage while surveying Chichen Itza for the Carnegie Institute. The simple charm of its two hotel rooms reflects Mr. Ruppert's conservative nature. Each hotel room has two Full beds and share a large ample terrace overlooking the main fountain garden. His cottage is near the pool area.       Offers   Rates   Reserve 

Pollock's Cottage (#7, 8 Master room, 9, 10)
- Housed archaeologist Harry E. Pollock during his field work in Chichen Itza. Spacious and located at the heart of the Hacienda Chichen main garden. This cottage offers you our Honeymoon Room #7 with one Queen bed and Pollack's Master-room #8 with a King bed (senior-friendly), both hotel rooms share a lovely spacious patio terrace overlooking the main fountain. Pollock's Room # 9 and Room # 10 share a very private patio terrace, both decorated with hand-carved wood furniture and remodeled in July 2012; both rooms have two Full beds each and are an ideal setting for more than one night stays.    Offers   Rates   Reserve 

Linda Schele(Master rooms 11 & 12)
- Linda Shele, a renown Mayan scholar loved her cottage stays at Hacienda Chichen. You can enjoy it too! 2011 remodeled eco-friendly cottage housing Master Guest-room #11 (premium memory King bed) and Master Guest-room #12 with two full beds (family and senior friendly, Dog-friendly accommodations); both decorated with Colonial carved wood furniture sharing a spacious terrace over viewing lush gardens.    Offers   Rates   Reserve

Chichen Itza, Yucatan hotels: Hacienda Chichen recently remodeled its guestrooms with eco-friendly features and elegant Mexican decor
Ms. Tatiana Proskouriakoff (Solo VIP Master Suite Cottage) - Tatiana, a talented Mayan scholar and artist, loved her eco-friendly cottage's serene elegance.  Her master-suite was fully remodeled July 2014.  This solo Master cottage offers you top green living  features, premium memory pad King bed, original artwork and hand-carved wood furniture, spacious split bathroom with a deluxe tub; mini-bar, walking closet, plus private terrace with a hammock and rocking chairs.      Offers   Rates    Reserve

Hacienda Chichen Double Full Bed Master Room
Tozzer's Cottage (#14 and 15) - Dr. Alfred Marston Tozzer (1877-1954) did most of his fieldwork on the Maya as Mr. Thompson's guest in the early 1900's. His cottage features two rooms, each with one Queen bed, and an large terrace.     Offers   Rates   Reserve 

Thompson's Cottage (#16, 17, 18, 19,  Master Suite) - Edward Thompson owned Hacienda Chichen in the 19th Century. his exploration work contributed greatly to the international awareness of Chichen Itza. His cottage includes a spacious suite with two Full beds and ample sitting room, deluxe bathroom, vanity, mini-bar and coffee maker. Cottage also houses four double-Full-bed guestrooms, all of which have mini-bars and lovely spacious patios furnished with rocking chairs and hammocks. This cottage was fully remodeled during the 2012 Summer.   Offers   Rates   Reserve

Book one of our rooms with Wi-Fi at an extra charge.  Pet-Friendly Rooms: Jean Charlot's Cottage (RECENTLY REMODELED #20, 21, 22, 23).
In the early 1920's, Charlot worked for the Carnegie Institute drawing detailed Maya temples artwork. His large cottage offers four double Full bed guest-rooms with Wi-Fi, and split bathroom plan. Recently remodeled, these rooms share an ample terrace and charming garden with Wi-Fi, it is a few steps from the hotels' private archaeological entrance. Ideal for families, small groups and Dog-friendly bookings. Pet owners need to pre-book and signed our pet policies.    Offers   Rates     Reserve

Chichen Itza hotel accommodations - Top Green Hotel choice: Hacienda Chichen- Yucatan Haciendas' top choice, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, MexicoBook one of our rooms with Wi-Fi at an extra charge.Catherwood Cottage (Master room #24) Our  spacious Master room with a premium king bed; offers free Satellite TV with HBO, Wi-Fi, mini-bar, charming bathroom. Private garden terrace. Very romantic, secluded, ideal for couples and long stays.  Offers   Rates   Reserve

Merle Green Cottage (Master Suite #25) Built in the 90s for Dr. Merle Greene, this lovely cottage has a spacious master guestroom (King bed). She enjoys having Yaxkin Spa next door and the private garden view of her "home away form home" retreat. Deluxe bath-tub and other fine green living amenities, premium king bed. Do visit our Merle Green Robinson Museum.    Offers   Rates    Reserve

Yucatan Haciendas top Green Choice: Hacienda Chichen Resort, Our Gala Master - the ideal room for honeymooners, or for your wedding night - check our wedding destination servicesAnn A. Morris Master (Deluxe Master Suite  #26) - Anna A. Morris was the field director for the Carnegie Institute.  Her spacious and lovely Master room is decorated with a fabulous antique Colonial headboard, eclectic antiques and original artwork, plus many pampering extras including a premium memory pad king bed, exclusive private garden with terrace, split bathroom design with deluxe bathtub, walking closet, mini-bar, coffee maker, and many eco-friendly features. Exquisite Master, ideal for long stays, honeymooners and romantic couples.    Offers     Rates    Reserve

Alice Le Plongeon Suite (Master Suite #27) - Alice Le Plongeon was one of the first European women to research the Mayan culture. She and her husband, August Le Plongeon stayed at Hacienda Chichen in the 1870's and early 1880's. Her spacious Master guestroom has two full beds, walking closet, minibar, coffee maker, split bathroom with deluxe deep tub, vanity area. A green living eco-design.   Offers   Rates   Reserve

Book one of our rooms with Wi-Fi at an extra charge.Senior Friendly - John Lloyd Stephens Cottage (Solo Master room Cottage #29) - This spacious one Master suite cottage offers true privacy, ideal for long stays. Features: Satellite TV with HBO, Wi-Fi, mini-bar, huge closet, split large bathroom with senior friendly features, deluxe king bed, mini-bar, coffee maker, open terrace, secluded garden. This master is ideal for those couples wanting a second home vacation-style stay or for scholars needing the right place to stay during their research in-field work. At an extra charge of USD $10 plus tax a night guests can book this master's private parking area adjacent to the cottage; ideal booking for senior friendly, pet-friendly or couples staying three or more nights. Regular rate bookings have unlimited WiFi included, discount bookings may request service at extra USD $10 plus tax per night. Pet-friendly booking    Rates     Reserve

Chichen Itza hotel accommodations - Top Green Hotel choice: Hacienda Chichen- Yucatan Haciendas' top choice, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, MexicoBook one of our rooms with Wi-Fi at an extra charge.Catherwood Cottage (VIP Master #30 is fully booked during 2018 - 2019. Frederick Catherwood, born in 1799, illustrated John Stephens famous book Incidents of Travel in Yucatan. His truly romantic hacienda style master room is a genuine Colonial jewel; a premium king bed master room with an intimate cottage living charm and private screened porch patio, studio and living area, deluxe and spacious bathroom (shower and bathtub separated), huge closets, microwave, mini bar, coffee maker, large flat TV with Sky-HBO, DVD, and unlimited Wi-Fi, plus unlimited US/Canada phone-line, large screened porch has four chair dinning set and Mayan hammock. Private parking area near cottage. Pet-friendly, Senior-friendly. A few steps from the hotel's private archaeological zone entrance.  This master is ideal for those couples wanting a second home vacation-style stay or for scholars needing the right place to stay during their research in-field work.   Request booking info and rates.



 Hacienda Chichen Resort, property map showing rooms, gardens, etc. located  in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico
Hacienda Chichen Cottages / Rooms are secluded within 13 hectares of lush Tropical Gardens.
This Green Spa Hotel offers you a private garden entrance to visit Chichen Itza Archaeological Site

* Special Note: Our pool and landscaping now features LED lights and the pool water system uses planet friendly processes.


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     Proud Member of Sustainable Travel International  Hacienda Chichen: Mexico's sustainable destination featured in the 2010 United Nations Climate Change Conference        Nat. Geo. Best Eco-Spa Wellness Destinations: Hacienda Chichen   Hacienda Chichen Resort committed to rescue the Maya Jungle wildlife: flora and fauna.

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Chichen Itza,  Yucatan, Mexico C.P. 97751

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