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Ideoma Castellano - Yaxkin Spa: Un Centro Spa de Salud y Bienestar Holistico Maya.

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Our Maya Holistic Eco-Spa Rituals

Review our Mayan Spa Menu by just clicking the bellow name of any Spa Treatment and read a brief description of a Mayan Spa healing, treatments, therapies, massages, full body and skin Spa care, etc.
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Mayan Spa and healing therapy at Yaxkin Spa, CHichen Itza, Yucatan

Yaxkin Holistic Spa Ceremony

Mayan Spa Stress Relief Maya Ritual & Spa Treatment

Ancient Maya performed body beautification rituals with meditation periods to awaken the pure essence of the self. Yaxkin complete Stress Relief Ritual is filled with lavish details to prepare you for a personal holistic renewal and awakening. This ritual invites you to relax with aromatherapy, gem holistic cleansing, and anoint you with fine Maya herbal  oils. Experience a deluxe nourishing blend of Mayan clays and fresh wild herbs smooth your body as it is wrapped in X'macula, Piper auritum, fresh leafs. An organic honey facial mask will enhance your renew beauty and harmony. We suggest to take a moment of meditation to connect with Mother Nature . 

Yaxkin Spa Maya Wellness CenterMayan healing arts and rituals offered at Yaxkin Spa, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, MexicoMayan healing Spa services at Yaxkin Spa, Hacienda Chichen, Yucatan

Enjoy a quiet and healing time for inner introspection to revitalize your soul and health in a relaxing ambiance.

A 90 minutes Spa session and Maya Massage Therapy.  Request Price and Reservations here.

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Maya Spa massage at Yaxkin Spa, Chichen Itza Yucatan


Mayan Spa Sacred Maya Hot Stone Spa Massage

Since ancient times, Mayan shamans have believed that jade and quartz are sacred due to their metaphysical properties, purifying qualities, and energy benefits. Our hot stone massage therapy, Sasil–tun, combines the vigorous healing energy accumulated in hot stones with aromatic Mayan healing oils, and native salts. This ritual will ensure the release of tension, anxiety, and the toxins these emotions create by renewing the energy of the body and mind with organic healing care to increase a holistic harmony within you. Once each stone is used, it is then cleansed, purified, and placed on Maya sacred ground to renew its pure energy flow.  Experience Mexico's best Mayan Eco-Spa Holistic healing at this unique Green Spa Retreat.

Gem-therapy and skin care at Yaxkin Spa, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, MexicoMayan holistic wellness at Yaxkin Spagem-therapy: Relaxing vital energy healing traditions at Yaxkin Spa

Enjoy a quiet and relaxing time for inner introspection to revitalize your soul in a paradise tropical ambiance.

A 90 minute Spa session and Maya Massage Therapy. Request Price and Reservations here.

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Maya Spa cocoa treatment: Kakaw maya skin care at Yaxkin Spa, Chichen Itza


Maya Spa Cocoa Bliss Spa Treatment

Long before the Aztecs, the Maya raised cacao. To them cocoa was a sacred food of the Gods, due to its sensual aroma, luxurious oils, and invigorating qualities. At Yaxkin Spa you will experience a warm cacao butter massage to invigorate the energy flow in your body as your mind smoothes into a relaxing state. Then your body will be gently brushed with the finest Mayan chocolate delight to create a cocoon-like sensation, during which you will enjoy for a few minutes of relaxing peace. Your cocoon will be lifted with warm linens leaving you ready for a purifying mist of wild Mayan herbs and orchids found at our Green Maya Spa Retreat.

Yucatan Spas: Kakaw Maya Spa Facial at Yaxkin SpaChichen Itza Spas: Mayan Kakaw is filled with antioxidants and rich skin nutrients to invigorate and smooth your facial skinMaya Spa Skin Care at Yaxkin Spa is 100% Natural and Organic products

Kakaw Mayan Spa therapy helps revitalize your skin beauty and health and prevents skin aging.         
Exquisite full-body treatment. An invigorating indulgence to celebrate life’s joys and reduce skin damage.

A 90 minute Spa session and Maya Massage Therapy.  Request Price and Reservations here.

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Maya Spa care: Indulge in the mystical energy of Yaxkin Spa

Nicte Ha

Mayan Spa Deep Hair and Facial Spa Treatment and Maya Ritual

Experience the mystical power of Maya traditions and beauty rituals as you relax in our tropical garden listening to bird songs with joy. Nicte ha is a ritual especially created to restore the moisture, silkiness, and shine of hair. This treatment is extremely beneficial to hair exposed to salt water, chlorine, and/or hair coloring by restoring the pH balance of your hair. The natural therapeutic advantages of Aloe Vera, Maya herbs, and avocado will invigorate and stimulate the scalp and hair health. Indulge in our Green Mayan Spa Resort's many experiences! 

Mayan water blessing ritualMaya healing traditions: Gifts of Nature use at Yaxkin Spa Natural Organic Skin Care and Mayan Facial SpasMaya healing traditions at Yaxkin Spa, Chichen Itza, Yucatan

       A relaxing scalp and facial massage, follow by a light Maya herbal mask, and chamomile eye pads,
      are an integral part of this refreshing and pampering ritual.

A 45 minute Maya Deluxe Spa Facial & Hair Treatment.     .
Request Price and Reservations here.      .

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Yaxkin Spa Mayan healing practices have earn it the titled of Best Eco-Spa in Mexico


Maya Spa Deluxe Tropical Facial and Spa Treatment

Personalized to each unique skin's needs, Luch-kab ritual is designed to help release stress and facial tension while nourishing your skin. A variety of fresh cucumber, yogurt, papaya and other natural ingredients are among the various elements used to help refresh and renew the skin's natural beauty. Relax and enjoy the pampering experience of this ritual as sacred gemstones and light therapy enhance your inner peace.

Yaxkin Spa: Experience the relaxing healing power of Yaxkin Spa ritualsMaya rituals: Blessed water from Yucatan Cenotes is a holistic healing Mayan element use at Yaxkin SPaOrganic Spa Care: Nourishing Organic Elements at Yaxkin Spa include Mayan fine clays, wild raw honey, natural oils, kakaw organic powder, etc.

A 45 minute Spa Session. Request Price and Reservations here.      .

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Green Spa: Come to Mexico's Top Wellness Destination: Yaxkin Spa

Pakal Ritual

Maya Spa Royal Maya ritual and Spa treatment for the Upper Body

Experience the beauty ritual created for Maya kings to purify and prepare mind, body, and spirit to meet the gods in mystical visions. The Pakal ritual includes a shoulder, neck, and scalp massage; plus, a deluxe facial care treatment rooted in sacred Maya healing practices. Pampering therapeutic elements that stimulate the senses, such as aromatherapy, essential oils of fruits & flowers, combined with the healing power of touch, release the negative energies of stress and fatigue. This relaxing and purifying ritual will regenerate your peaceful energy and beauty at the world's best Mayan Eco-Spa Holistic Center: Yaxkin Spa, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico. 

Green Spa Destination: Yaxkin Spa a Maya holistic wellness center and resort, Chichen Itza, YucatanMayan organic skin care at Yaxkin Spa, Chichen Itza, YucatanYucatan Spas: best green Maya healing care at Yaxkin Spa

       Royal Maya Spa Treatment for shoulders, neck, scalp & facial, rooted in sacred Maya beauty rituals.

A 45 minute Spa session. Request Price and Reservations here.

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Organic Spa care at Yaxkin Spa, Hacienda Chichen, CHichen Itza, Yucatan

Pepen Ritual

Maya Spa Beauty Spa Treatment for the Upper Body

The Maya word for butterfly is “pepen” the perfect name for this ritual of grace and beauty. Designed to highlight the hands and elbows’ smooth elegance, this ritual starts by applying a fresh mixture of aloe vera, raw sugar, and salts to your elbows, lower arms, and hands; follow by a gently massage and scrub with natural sisal pads to exfoliate the skin. A deep moisturizing herbal wrap will then be applied to nurture the skin and regenerate its softness; the ritual ends with a delicate manicure and nail polish gloss. 

Maya Spa care: Pepen Ritual - Hand beauty Spa Care at Yaxkin Spa, Chichen Itza, YucatanOrganic skin care: Yaxkin Spa uses only organic Mayan beauty care productsYucatan Spas: Fresh mineral waters from ancient cenotes are used in Yaxkin Spa healing care

      Organic Maya beauty care for elbow, arms, hands with our Spa manicure.

A 40 minute Spa Session.  Request Price and Reservations here     .

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Organic Spa care: Feel the lavish care at Yakxin Spa

Su'uk Ritual

Mayan Spa Royal Maya Treatment for the Lower Legs and Feet

We will bath your feet in lavish cenote mineral water with Maya herbs and flower petals for you to enjoy the nutrients of Mother Nature. A sisal scrub and a ciricote leaf exfoliation will restore the natural beauty of your skin. A soothing knee-to-toe massage will be followed by a rich moisturizing herbal mask sure to release fatigue. Your feet will rest in a Mayan clay bowl, filled with cenote warm water and a bed of hot stones, which will regenerate your whole being. As a final touch, a deluxe Spa pedicure will grace your revitalized feet.  

Maya Spa care at Yaxkin Spa, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico

       Maya Spa Treatment for lower leg, feet, & deluxe pedicure.

A 45 minute Spa Session. Request Price and Reservations here     .

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Maya Spa treatments and rituals at Yaxkin Spa, Chichen Itza


Mayan Spa Deluxe Tropical Beauty Facial Spa Treatment

The supreme Maya Spa therapy created to renew your spirit; clean and invigorate your body; and restore the equilibrium and serenity of your mind; thus, bringing into physical manifestation the true nature of your spirit. This holistic ceremony will align the energies of earth, water, fire, and air in you. Anointing the body with Xunan Kab royal pure honey, delicately mixed in a sacred Maya clay body wrap, the healer will unblock your energy flow with a gentle facial, aromatherapy, reflexology, Maya crystal and gemstone therapy.

Full body Spa therapy: Kukulkan Mayan Holistic Ritual at Yaxkin Spa, Chichen Itza, YucatanMaya Spa therapy: Feel the revitalizing energy of our Mayan Spa Healing RitualsMaya healing arts at Yaxkin Spa, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico

      Full-body (earth & water), mind (fire), and spirit (air) alignment and energy treatment.
       Deluxe Spa Treatment rooted in Holistic Maya Rituals.

A 90 minute Spa session and Maya Massage Therapy.  Request Price and Reservations here      .
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Yaxkin Spa Eco-Cultural practices

Ya Ha

A Maya Spa Gift of Love Ceremony

Enveloped by serenity and peace, our secluded paradise-like garden filled with exotic plants and singing birds, is the perfect setting for a couple to experience a very spiritual encounter with themselves and nature. Ya-ha ceremony is a private inner journey of giving and receiving; an experience to learn how to manifest love by indulging in touch, beauty, and grace. Our healer’s lessons to breathe, listen, touch, and feel are valuable gifts of love learned in this precious aromatherapy, reflexology and massage ceremony, which culminates with an inviting sacred cenote water bath to enhance the couple’s flowing energy of communion and love.

Yaxkin Spa: contact us if you wish to learn more about our Eco-Cultural commitment and volunteering in the Maya Communities.Read about Ancient Mayan Healing practices and Yaxkin Spa unique rituals.other romantic Eco-friendly activities at Hacienda Chichen and Yaxkin Spa

 The art of loving, the ultimate Spa experience for couples, based on ancient holistic Maya rituals.

A 2-Hour Spa session with optional extra hours for the couple to enjoy time together alone.
Deluxe Holistic Maya Massage Therapy.   Request Price and Reservations here.
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Hacienda Chichen offers couples the most Romantic Wedding Destination in Yucatan Mexico


Maya Spa Bridal Beauty Spa Ceremony

Since ancient timers, the Maya wedding ceremony has been a sacred and spiritual event in a couple’s life. In order to prepare for such an important event, the couple undergoes many spiritual and physical activities filled with mystical sights, sounds, and smells. Ixchel bridal ceremony caters to the mind, soul, body purification and beauty needs of the bride. The deep moisturizing and natural elements found in organic honey, mixed with the bio-mineral qualities of Ka’t Maya clay, will renew skin’s natural balance, leaving it with a beautiful, healthy, smooth glow. Spa pedicure and manicure are next. A nourishing natural organic fruit mask and deluxe facial to enhance the glow of love will follow with a soft lip gloss to grace the natural beauty in you.

Read about Hacienda Chichen Wedding Services and romantic packagesOrganic Spa skin care at Yaxkin Spa, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, MexicoMayan Spa care: Read about Yaxkin Spa Policies

Beauty and grace are the spirit of this Spa treatment, individually tailored to meet each bride’s personal needs.

A 2 and 1/2 Hour Spa session and Full Maya Massage. Request Price and Reservations here.
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Ya'ax Tun spirulina


Yaxkin Spa offers you ancient holistic beauty care based on Mother Nature's most exquisite natural healing gifts! Visit us in Chichen Iza, Yucatan, Mexico.

Ya'ax Tun

Maya Spa Blue-Green Spirulina Algae Beauty Spa and Skin Care

Yaxkin Spa offers the ultimate nourishing skin purification and beauty care:   Ya'ax Tun Deluxe Skin Care is a Mayan Jade algae body mud and Spa skin rejuvenating treatment.  In Yucatan's cenote green algae exist great levels of phycocyanin concentration, an organic pigment within the algae living cells that act as anti-aging and antioxidant agents, protecting the skin cells from damage due to certain radicals. Phycocyanin has been proven to have significant anticancer properties and anti-stress qualities.  Blue green algae also contains high quantities of lipids, biologically active enzymes and energizing glyco-proteins.

Organic Skin Care: Yaxkin Spa's ultimate Mayan algae skin revitalizing care.    Organic Spa care: Mayan Jade or blue green spirulina algae protects the entire body skin cells from premature aging, leaving a natural nourshing moisturizing protection and beauty glow. Contact us to book now your Ya'ax Tun ultimate skin care treatment.    Yaxkin Spa skin care: Read full article about our Ya'ax Tun Maya Jade Algae Spa Care

   Deluxe Mayan Jade Algae Skin Beauty Care and Full Body Massage and Wrap.

A 90-minute Spa session and Maya Massage Therapy.  Request Price and Reservations here.

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Yaaxche Spa Holistic Care

Yucatan Spas: best organic spa care and Mayan healing traditions offer at Hacienda Chichen Yaxkin Spa

Maya Spa Sacred Ceiba Mayan Holistic Spa Ceremony.

For the Maya, the Ceiba tree Ya'axche is the sacred center of their cosmos, the symbol of life and the connecting vehicle between the celestial planes and the underworlds.  The Maya still venerates this tree and use it as the center of their ceremonial sites.

Here in Yaxkin, you will be blessed with this Ceiba leaves and anointed with holy oils, as you are engulfed with the smell of ceremonial Mayan incense as part of this holistic ceremony which will realign your inner contact with the cosmos.

Rhythmic sounds of ancient instruments will lead you to relax as your body is massage with holy oils and honey to align your energy field, then your skin will be sponged with a Maya herbal infusion to cleanse toxins and impurities. Reflexology and Gem therapy is involved.

A 90-minute Spa session and Maya Massage Therapy.  Request Price and Reservations here.

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Yatsil  decor

Maya Spa care: Yatsil Aloe Vera Spa Skin Care at Yaxkin Spa





Yatsil Holistic Ceremony

Maya Spa Aloe Vera Skin Care Ritual 

This healing ritual brings skin protection and aids in the regeneration of skin cells. A smoothing fresh Aloe Vera pulp paste is delicately brushed on the body and wrap with holy leafs after a light delicate massage, feet reflexology, and a gentle scalp rub to promote circulation and skin cell regeneration.  The body is then sponged gently with a wild flower and herbal oil tonic to smooth and silken the skin to restore natural glow.

We recommend this ritual for those wishing to promote and enhance the rejuvenating energy of their skin.  This refreshing ritual also helps you reduce tension and body pain.

Mayan Spa: Yatsil Aloe Vera Spa Care at Yaxkin Spa    Organic Spa care: Experience the relaxing healing power of Yaxkin Spa rituals Maya Spa skin care: Organic Aloe Vera at Yaxkin Spa

  A light Aloe Vera gel and fruit facial mask will be applied as an extra token of pampering.

A 50 minute Spa session and Maya Massage Therapy.  Request Price and Reservations here.

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 Saka decor 

 Maya purification ceremony at Yaxkin Spa, Chichen Itza, Yucatan

Saka' Purification Ceremony

Maya Spa Sacred new corn body wrap and cleansing ceremony. 

Corn is sacred to the Maya. They still perform a sacred holistic corn ceremony, known as Saka', to please the Gods and the natural elements prior to each crop season as they begin their work in their “milpas.” Sak is a corn paste freshly made in Yaxkin Spa to nourish and emollient sensitive skin.  This ceremony starts with the blessing of the Sak and a deep tissue oil massage followed by the application of the corn paste. A lush fresh healing Mayan leaf-wrap will cover your body to help skin cells absorb the nutrients of the paste. 

An exfoliating rhythmic massage will wipe off the corn paste from the skin to gently remove old skin cells, promoting circulation and revitalizing your body.  As a final touch, your skin will be smoothen with an herbal infusion.  Recommended for all type of skins in need to invigorate and renew the body's energy.

A 60-minute Spa session and Maya Massage Therapy.  Request Price and Reservations here.

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Zumpulche  decor

Maya healing traditions: Mayan fire purification cave ritual


Maya Sacred Cave and Sweat-bath

This ancient Maya sacred sweat-bath is a truly special experience for those who wish to have an inner encounter with their higher self, helping their Body,  Emotions, Mind and Spirit align with their pure energy to cleanse the self from impurities due to thoughts, fears, negativity and ill felt emotions.

Breath-taking views of Chichen Itza temples embrace the Mayan jungle of our Zumpul-che Cave. Archaeologists at the ancient Maya city of Chichen Itza have excavated buildings of great interest in the history of massage - the royal Maya zumpul-che or sweat-bath, a sacred ceremonial cave or temple to purify mind, body and soul. Aztecs practiced similar purification rituals at a Temazcal. Come and experience a true Mayan Holistic Sweat-bath ritual.

Each participant is first anointed with essential oils and prepared with rhythmic sounds of mystic Caracol calls. The healing power of cenote water is carefully brew with Mayan herbs and gently pour over stones inside the cave during each zumpul-che (sweat-bath purification) Maya Spa ceremony. This cleansing ceremony has the natural, beneficial effects and purification properties of fire and water as cosmic sources for personal healing to unblock the energy flow of spirit and the physical body. The ceremony ends in a meditation garden with a mineral & herbal infusion, over-viewing majestic Mayan temples within Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico.

Experience these unique Mayan sweat-bath cave ceremonies when visiting Chichen Itza's Top Green Spa retreat and Mayan Spa Holistic Retreat Eco-Resort. Ceremonies last 90 minutes and are offered to groups of eight or more guests. Reservations need to be made at least twenty-four hours in advance. 

A 90-minute Maya sweat-bath purification session.  Request Price and Reservations here.

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Maya Temples: View Yaxkin Spa Photo Album  Maya healing traditions: Reserve your Spa experience today  Chichen Itza: Learn about our other Eco-Cultural activities

Mayan Temples and Mystical Holistic Rituals await you at this unique  Eco Maya Spa Resort: Hacienda Chichen, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico.

Organic Spa Sustainable Green Seal of Aproval awarded to Yaxkin Spa

Come and indulge in our many Mayan Spa Holistic Eco-Retreat experiences!

National Geographic Travel Guide selected Hacienda Chichen and Spa
among their Ten Best Eco-Wellness Destinations in North America!

Conde Nast Travel: top green eco spa destinations
Yaxkin Spa uno de los Diez Mejores Eco-Spas del Mundo

DID YOU KNOW:  Yaxkin Spa, located within Hacienda Chichen, is a Mayan Jungle Spa-Resort and one of the Top Best Eco-Spas of the World? This unique  Mayan Holistic Green Spa Retreat is Chichen Itza's pride and Yucatan's Sustainable Tourism trend setter. Visit its own website: www.yaxkinspa.com 

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Yaxkin Spa our Maya Wellness Center


Maya Spa care and Maya healing traditions are offered at Yaxkin Spa, this great Mayan wellness center is among the Top World Eco-Spa Resorts and Mexico's best Mayan Holistic Spa Retreat and Eco-Spa Wellness Destination Our Maya Spa therapies are based on Mayan traditional healing.  Come and enjoy the many eco-cultural experiences awaiting you at this unique Green Spa Jungle Resort in Chichen Itza, Yucatan,  Mexico
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Maya Spa care and Maya healing traditions are offered at Yaxkin Spa, this great Mayan wellness center is among the Top World Eco-Spa Resorts and Mexico's best Mayan Holistic Spa Retreat and Eco-Spa Wellness Destination
Our Maya Spa therapies are based on Mayan traditional healing.  Come and enjoy the many eco-cultural experiences awaiting you at this unique Green Spa Jungle Resort in Chichen Itza, Yucatan,  Mexico

Organic Spa Care at Hacienda Chichen - read articles and reviews about Yaxkin Spa in:   
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