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Chichen Itza Restaurants, best place to eat: Hacienda Chichen Restaurants serving Gourmet Organic Cuisine, Maya aromas and Fusion menu delights

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Best Quality Organic Cuisine and Gourmet Catering in Chichen Itza and Yucatan, Mexico

Hacienda Chichen offers you the best organic gourmet catering choices found in Chichen Itza restaurants, from exclusive corporate catering to personalized wedding parties, and VIP special events.  Serving our "in-house" organic grown fruit and vegetables growing under the personal attention of our Chef Maya Chefs' farmers team. Daily you will find one of our Chefs inspecting and collecting fresh vine-ripe organic produces. No wonder our gourmet Maya and Fusion Cuisine has gained the respect and admiration of many international special event planners, who trust their special VIP parties to us. Plus, enjoy the privilege of entering the archaeological zone from our own gardens avoiding long waiting lines and crowds !

Hacienda Chichen's Maya Chefs and cuisine team offer you top quality gourmet menus at Chichen Itza's best restaurant: Los Faisanes, Hacienda Chichen  Chichen Itza Catering Service at its best - VIP party planners and exclusive group lunch services at Hacienda Chichen, Yucatan


Chef Antonio and Florentino personally check with great care all your special event's catering details to assure a flawless memorable event.  Our boutique hotel offers you premier catering to host intimate private parties or impressive corporate catering events in our restaurants and a variety of beautiful open garden settings.  Our Groups and Party Designer will help you choose a table decor theme or help you create original party decor for a very unique event.

What a better place than Hacienda Chichen to plan your dream romantic wedding, exclusive corporate party, or family reunions, we offer you personalized gourmet menus, special diet choices to meet all your guests, just contact us with your needs and we will start planning an event sure to be remember for years to come by all your guests. Be assured that Hacienda Chichen has won many professional culinary critic awards for its healthy organic cuisine served elegantly in all our guests' gala parties, private reunions and incentive luncheon fiestas.  Our Chefs team create unique menu selections for each party or catering event with exquisite care and attention to all details. Click here to know more about our wedding party packages and catering.

Yucatan Gourmet Catering Services: Hacienda Chichen offers you the best choice to celebrate your wedding, special events, catering to corporate events, private VIP and Inncentive groups plus wedding receptions, family reunions, etc.Yucatan Haciendas magic - the perfect catering services and corporate events are served at Hacienda Chichen in Chichen Itza, Mexico


CHICHEN ITZA CATERING SPECIAL EVENTS SERVICES: Menu selection is easy with our vast range of culinary artistic meals: from 100% Organic grown produces, gourmet fusion cuisine, to rich ancient Maya recipes.  Rest assure that our catering services are the best found in Chichen Itza and Valladolid.  Hacienda Chichen offers the most distinctive and elegant Colonial ambiance for entertaining your guests in comfort and tropical luxury.

Our gourmet catering menus and wedding planners can help you create a truly memorable Luncheon or Dinner Party. Just email us a brief note about your needs; our Maya Chefs will create uniquely customized menus that will enhance the party ambiance of your choice or your Spa days.

Where to eat in Chichen Itza? Hacienda Chichen offers the best organic gourmet cuisine created by one of our Maya Chefs   Huitlacoche Crepes delicately created with organic grown products at Hacienda Chichen Resort, Chichen Itza, Yucatan   Hacienda Chichen gourmet menu includes Chilled Mango Cream Soup, made with ripe organic mangos grown at Hacienda Chichen Resort, Yucatan

An elegant addition to your special family reunion or private party will be our “Crudités, Fruits and Cheeses Extravaganza.” Guests love the exotic abundance of this artful edible “landscape.”  Let your senses indulge in this culinary delight's tropical color, texture, shape and taste, a celebration of Yucatan’s aromas and flavors.

Music a Special Note: our catering service planners will bring you peace of mind and a memorable family party or VIP incentive group gala. Including music to your special event is ideal, and we can arrange for DJs services, live Guitar musicians (Trios) to play romantic songs, or dancing tunes.

We know that creating a memorable ambiance for your guests and entertaining with style demands more than good planning and organization. Our professional gourmet catering services, table setting decor, wine selection, menu collection and originality in food presentation will assure that your event will be a lavish and memorable experience.

You can select which luncheon setting format you prefer. We offer theme decor table serving and custom made table-decor for your exclusive gala parties and weddings. Among our most requested optional services are perfumed chilled finger towels as a welcome courtesy to each guest. We provide exquisite flower arrangements, bilingual hostesses dressed in Yucatan’s formal attire, guitar musicians or “trios,” regional dances and folklore.

You can choose from our various catering service packages, from pre-set theme party catering collection  to customized gala cater services. Please contact us through our Contact Form or by phone (see our Contact Information page for all our phone numbers) and our Special Events staff will gladly assist you with each detail of the event ’s program and service.

Decorative themes include Mayan Mural Themes, the Aluxe Collection and Nature's Feast. Ask our Special Events Coordinator for photos.

Contact Us for Your Personalized Service Planning!

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