Yucatan Adventure Geo-Travel Guide: Gateway to the best Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico, has to offer.

Yucatan Adventure is a volunteer Eco-Travel Guide by the Maya Foundation In Laakeech (In Lakech) a sustainable civil society association in Yucatan, Mexico, dedicated to Sustainable Geo-Tourism, helping travelers learn about Yucatan’s Colonial and Maya Culture, local Mayan people, and their traditions; as well as to inform travelers about the many wonderful eco-cultural activities, green vacation packages Yucatan offers, Mayan Spa experiences, discount vacation offers and packages, Green Hacienda hotels reviews, and great free volunteering opportunities sponsored by the Maya Foundation In Laakeech (pronounced “in lakech) and the Hacienda Chichen, both dedicated to the Mayan communities welfare in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico.

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We wish you a joyful and successful year 2010, proclaimed by the United Nations as the International Year of Biodiversity. You can participate in our Eco-Awareness commitment to protect Yucatan’s flora and fauna volunteer programs and celebrate the International Year of Biodiversity . Everyone can support respect and awareness of cultural biodiversity and protect the environment by respectfully living in a sustainable manner; we encourage our readers to consume less, waste less, reuse more and recycle… ideal daily activities you can do!

Give Maya Children a Gift of Love:
Sponsor a Nutrition Fun Day at the Rural Maya Children Albergue 

A lovely Nutrition Party Day was donated by Paty Kline and her group of nurses for the Maya children at the Albergue in Xcalacoop near Hacienda Chichen Resort. the resort’s Maya Chef Antonio Caamal also joined his kitchen efforts to bring nutrition, education, and joy to all !

You, too, can sponsor a Maya Children’s Nutrition Luncheon / Party Event for as little as USD $200 and create a Dream Fiesta for rural Maya children; this will help us continue our efforts to bring healthy meals to them year-round.  Contact us and join our efforts.
If you wish to sponsor a Fun Day Event to help us help the Maya Communities we work for, please contact us via email to: info@yucatanadventure.com.mx and we will coordinate with you a healthy meaningful volunteer day for you to share with the Maya people. Sponsoring such helpful meals and parties for 65 to less children, start as little as USD $200 total cost. Our local volunteer will do the organization and coordination of the event so  when you arrive the party can begin and you or your group can enjoy giving hope and care.

Maya Foundation In Laakeech A.C. Board of Directors is headed by Mr. Ruben Gutierrez and Don Valerio Canche among others.  This foundation’s social work agenda will include the remodeling of community centers that give service to the Maya rural children and a new social volunteer agenda of workshops, plus nutritional cooking school events will be held to service the Mayan villages within Tinum municipality; this sustainable vision is part of the MFIL  Children Malnutrition Program we started since 2007.  Thanks to our volunteers we keep growing.

Maya Foundation In Laakeech 2017 Social Support Projects continue with our Caring for the Mayan Rural Children

The Maya Foundation In Laakeech (Lakech) thanks Hacienda Chichen Resort for the active support, monthly donations, and the hotel’s staff helping hands reconstructing and updating a Child Care Facility downtown Xcalacoop, Yucatan, Mexico. Construction ended in February 2010, since then the MFIL continue to provide Mayan rural children with nutrition meals daily, supports many child welfare programs and has expanded the social work ventures in many other areas.


Your help and donations will help us bring much needed health and education to this communities young children and rural families.  Please support us by sponsoring a Nutrition Lunch Party for the Maya rural children, or bring some toddlers’ toys, learning games, color markers, good used clothes or any item you wish to gift to this rural Mayan Children’s Care Center, read more.

If you wish to help us help, please bring as many bottles of Children’s Multi-Vitamins as you can afford to buy to the Maya Foundation In Laakeech headquarters at Hacienda Chichen Resort, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico, or just contact us to pledge a donation and we will make sure the these and other nutritious products help the Maya kids.

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